You Are Off Balance

We consume 3 pounds of food and 2 liters of liquid a day. We are currently aware of 40 essential nutrients and 10,000 phytonutrients. Science proved that human cells are about 25,000 genes, 1013 human cells and about 1014 bacteria in the Gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). We have 100,000 different proteins, 1000 lipids and 1000 water soluble metabolites. Our body is a complex and complicated system that operates in a very delicate way based on our food.

Each New Year, after the holidays, we start a new weight loss program under the massive brain wash, of marketing across all media, talking about “The New Year’s Resolution Diet Programs”.

We try hard to prevent being overweight, by controlling calories, managing our body weight, and increasing physical activity. And yet, our weight goes up an average of 5-10 pounds a year.

We struggle to consume less sodium, trans fats and sugar. We reduce refined grains, replacing saturated fats with mono and polysaturated fats. And still, we are the sickest and most overweight nation in the world.

Unhealthy weight, is one of the first signs your body will present to its state: YOU ARE OFF BALANCE.

Food is INFORMATION that carries hundreds of signals along our biological pathways daily. Nutrients feed our cells, balancing our health. Nutritional Therapy is a part of medical care that is based on nutritional science. The goal is to use proper foods to promote health to the highest performance possible. There is no one-size-fits-all nutritional plan! It is always personalized, based on your individual lab results, family or medical history, diet, lifestyle, current health condition, medical diagnosis, and treatment. Nutritional Therapy addressing the underlying causes, balancing any nutritional deficiencies or excesses support individuals for optimal health.
Nutrition is the “glue” that unifies our mind-body-spirit. Optimum health is based on proper nutrients – feeding and regulating all these biological magical pathways that keeping us BALANCED. You must bring your body to a balanced point before seeing a reduction of weight.

As a Holistic Functional Nutritionist working with hundreds of people just like you struggling to lose weight, I offer an in-depth nutritional analysis at your cellular level. I address the underlying causes of your body’s weight gain. I also use your blood test results to determine and locate any imbalances or dysfunctions within your body so we can design your optimized nutritional protocols to achieve better health and weight loss.

Our goal is to address any current chronic condition by identifying the “root cause” of your symptoms to prevent further complications.

Losing weight is not about will power. It’s about eating right, fueling your cells with nutrients; and bringing back the balance to your body.


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