Win Your Health – 7 Lessons

I want to draw attention to the fact that many people are underestimating their health problems, and think that they are something that will eventually go away. The fact is that they can be very wrong and even worsen the situation.

I, Chen Ben Asher, as a Board-certified nutrition specialist, I have seen many examples especially among women such as:

These are just a couple of clues that might carry a grave danger to the whole body. Functional medicine is rapidly developing and helps to understand more about your healthy and important life changes to learn.

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7 your health lessons to address:

1. Environmental impact

To understand what is the real cause of different diseases is to understand what you can change. This approach involves such ecological influence that you might even not take seriously like stress that for many people have become a part of daily life, toxins that are in food, air, and water, radiation, lack of exercise or too much of it. You can ask for help to identify the stressors, upgrade the quality of diet and nutrition lesson plans as well as other solutions. Challenges in life make you stronger, but that doesn’t mean that you should always challenge your health.

2. Your gut and digestive health

Gut health is very important for overall body function, including the absorption of nutrients, fight against toxins microbes, allergens and other bad threats that the body has. You can read more about your health and gut link from other Nutrition & Mor’s source.

3. Follow inflammation and immune balance

You can read more about inflammation and immune balance for your health from the other topics. Causes for it can be similar as those of environmental impact and lead to a chronic illness. For some inflammation might be due to gluten, etc.

4. Hormones and neurotransmitters

I as a Board Certified nutrition specialist, Chen Ben Asher, have noticed that many of my women clients have some problems with either of hormones. And naturally, they cause other problems to your health. You can also look at our other hormonal balance health topics that might give more in-depth answers.

5. Detoxification

If you don’t feel healthy and experience some symptoms that were looked at before, you might have problems with detoxification.

6. Mind and body connection

There are more and more disorders that have to do with mood and mind generally like anxiety, depression, dementia, etc. The cause might be different for everyone: stress, magnesium deficit, etc.

7. Energy and oxidative stress

Body organism converts food and oxygen into energy. And the production is susceptible to toxins, stress, and various other issues.

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These are 7 general health lessons, but for the more personal approach, it is always important to consult a specialist.

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