There are many reasons why people put their trust in our “Gain Health, Lose Weight” program and choose our unique approach to sustainable weight loss. The reason we have success is because we take the time to understand what’s happening inside your body on a cellular level, which, of course brings real results to our clients!

You can enjoy the same results and success in your life, health and weight management too. Here’s why you should choose us:

*  Chen Ben Asher is trained in functional nutrition. She assesses the root causes and unique metabolic needs of each individual client to achieve the best results. This is what enables our clients to lose weight safely while improving their health. 

* Our weight loss protocols primarily support and address the overall health of each individual client. Adjustments have to be made if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure or if you’re taking medication so your “fat” from the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach will slim down. Chen Ben Asher’s approach is tailored to each individual’s unique needs to ensure real results that work for you!

* The program aims for  long-term weight loss success. Our plan involves a comprehensive, anti-inflammatory, low calorie plan to improve health, reduce whole body inflammation and maximize the weight loss process.

* Nutritional experience and knowledge is used to identify other factors that are slowing down your weight loss progress. That’s why, when needed, we utilize advanced laboratory testing to identify markers for chronic disease, adrenal stress/insufficiency, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Through data collection, health history analysis and discussion of symptoms, Chen Ben Asher will be able to customize your program for optimal success.

*  Our plans are affordable and we offer payment plans if necessary!

* You will get full weekly supportencouragement, and motivation to promote your nutritional goals.

* Once you reach your weight loss goals, we will coach you through our Maintenance Plan to ensure long-term success.

Most importantly, we care for and listen to our clients. Losing weight is not about willpower.  It’s about eating right, fueling our cells with nutrients; it’s about stress levels, gender, age, height, weight,  hormones, genes, exercise, your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), and so much more.  When all factors are in place, you’ll reach your goal to achieve an optimal weight as well as the healthy habits and routines required to maintain it for years to come!


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