Why Functional Medicine is Better for You !

Why Functional Medicine is Better for You

What comes to the mind of an average person when he/she hears the words “functional medicine”? I remember when less than two decades ago in this wasn’t much research and not many people even knew about what stands behind these words. Times have changed.

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Functional medicine basis

Many doctors have used functional medicine in the same context and definitions as “integrative medicine” and “alternative medicine.” It is a part of natural healthcare and is accepted as well as based on science. The focus is on laboratory testing which is not the case with some other medical care options like Chinese or homeopathic medicine. That is one of the reasons why it is essential to understand more about functional medicine as it has proved its place. In the center of this science-based healing approach is to attempt to find and treat the underlying cause of different health problems, not just some particular symptoms.

The main benefits of functional medicine

  • Focus is on medical testing and treatment
  • Understand and help gut
  • Cost-effective

Based on lab tests, it is possible to see what you need to change. For some, it might be supplements and some more active lifestyle like playing tennis to deal with hormone imbalance, energy deficit, problems with toxins, neurotransmitter problems, GI distress, underlying inflammation, hypothyroid, fatigue, even depression, etc.

You can also read different.


That will help to understand functional medicine more.


Summaries of them can show insight into the functional medicine and its changes over the years.

Practical advice and information for you about this medicine

As a Board certified nutrition specialist Chen cause, I find encouraging to see when people who have problems with being tired, lack energy or motivation, get back on the track and enjoy their work or a new lifestyle. The body can have a better reinforcement if there are right circumstances and help. Even slightest changes in lifestyle and diet and contribute to weight loss and deal with other problems. You can try lowering animal fat consumption rather than using pharmaceutical solutions that reduce cholesterol levels. At the same time, healthy fats can still bring good results. Proved research and a personal nutritional experience show that women can lose five pounds and more sooner. If you have a constipation problem, you can try leafy vegetables three times per week.

The importance of gut in functional medicine

As you might have already noticed from some of Nutrition & Mor’s articles gut is very important for various reasons. One of the main regarding health and also weight is that it allows to get to the reason of these issues and offer an effective aid.

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Sometimes weight and other health problems are much broader, and some additional functional medicine solutions with a professional specialist might help.

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