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What You Need to Know about Nutrition and Anxiety

We can see that in recent years, there is a spike in mental problems, especially anxiety. If you listened to your diet specialist, you would find out that in many cases, anxiety has links to the consumption of food. Many people in the USA and other places strive towards food that contains not many vitamins and minerals. You can only manage anxiety if you look closer to nutrition.

The new year 2017 study published in the National Institutes of Health shows more details about how nutritional supplements can help with an anxiety disorder. You can read the full study here. The core of this study is to find the relation between dietary disorders and anxiety. The study draws attention to characteristics and real impact on patients.

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Anxiety disorders:

  • Agoraphobia
  • Panic disorders
  • Social anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Fatty acids show success in reducing anxiety and other mood disorders. Apart from fatty acids, it is also essential to have enough calcium, selenium, iron, vitamin B12 (look at what Balance 12 supplements can do for your health!), and others. With the right program and support from a certified nutritionist, it is easier to stay away from foods that increase anxiety. Perhaps you didn’t know that there are foods that cause anxiety and panic attacks. Some of them might be hard to avoid if they have made it into your daily habit as caffeine that is a stimulant and psychoactive drug.

Nutritional Foods to Choose and Not to Choose If You Have Anxiety

What to do if you cannot find the foods that cause anxiety or feel a lack of motivation with an exercise plan? Choose professional guidance that will help to know more and draw the right attention to the eating habits and mental help even if there aren’t any symptoms that something is wrong because poor nutrition doesn’t lead to anything good.

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Everyone wants to have a qualitative life, and that isn’t possible if you don’t pay attention to stress, food, and other influencers. Alternative support with dietary supplements can help with anxiety disorders, and the studies were done on this subject also proves that.


Chen is a Functional Nutrition expert consultant,  leading authority on weight management, women’s health and gluten sensitivity. She is a clinician, public speaker, educator and Amazon Best Seller author of “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough – The Balanced Diet”.

Chen uses Functional Nutrition to help you find answers to the root causes of your illness and address the biochemical imbalances that may trigger your health and weight. She uses cutting edge lab testing and design the nutritional program to your specific needs as an individual. Food, supplements, lifestyle changes will have integrated to bring balance

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