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Numerous studies are available out to gain more information about cancer, hormones and its relation to the lifestyle and changes in it.

Now it is undeniable that diet has a massive effect towards developing different types of cancers as well as in their treatment period. The significant impact also has hormones; thus, it is worth paying attention to both issues and know more about it. Of course, you cannot deny the importance of physicist with special and professional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, potentiation therapy (IPT) and others. However, still, it is worth to look deeper at the already proven links to diet and hormones.

As one of the main hormones that can influence the development of cancer in men and women, estrogens are carcinogens. They are hormones that are responsible for sexual and reproductive development. The liver absorbs almost all estrogens (95-98%). These estrogens are different from phytoestrogens that can be absorbed by soy and other products. 

The science shows that low estrogen levels can contribute to cancer occurrence. As one of the examples is the fact that “women get ovarian cancers when estrogens are low.”[1]

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The estimation shows that younger women tend to have higher levels of estrogen, and also the hormonal balance is different. It also influences adiol levels and other things. Also, older men tend to have higher levels of estrogen than women of the same age, and they are also more prone to cancer (prostate). At the same time, adiol level decreases and has a direct link to cancer. As for food, fermented soy increases estrogen-b sites on tumor cell circulation leading to “breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.”[2] As a contrast, soy phytoestrogens help to reduce metastases.

All this indicates that a proper treatment of cancer involves good management of estrogens, its receptors, estrogen metabolism, and cellular immunity. Fermented soy has proven to have a crucial role in enhancing the productiveness of other more professional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

It shuts off the mutation pathway of cancer cells, reduces multidrug resistance, and reduces the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. One additionally, adiol, and compounds have “an affinity to the adiol receptor site (ER-b) provides cellular immunity and protection from cancer stem cells”.1 Lowered immunity goes together with lowered level of adiol. It is essential to have an immune system regulating hormones or, in more general terms, by the immune system itself to kill cancer cells. Natural metabolism can enhance cellular immunity.

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Cancer needs treatment not only with the most typical medical intervene but also with attention to estrogen and everything that has a connection to an immune system and everything else that can contribute to killing the unwanted cells.


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