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What Damages Your Good Gut Bacteria?

Not all bacteria are harmful, and you should recognize this fact when you begin to learn more about gut bacteria and gut health. The reality is, many people think that all bacteria are harmful. However, there is a lot of good bacteria in your gut flora that is beneficial to your body, and there can be numerous environmental effects that can negatively alter your microbiome.

What is Microbiome?

The microbiome is a set of bacteria that everyone has in and on their bodies, and it performs a variety of functions. The inhabitants of the microbiome are plentiful, diverse and dynamic. They are interconnected with their host and engage in a relationship that is beneficial and essential, to both the host and bacteria. The microbiome can also be responsible for vitamin production and is part of producing minerals and chemicals for the body.

Most of this process happens seamlessly within the gut, but if there is not the right amount of bacteria within the gut flora, people can become deficient and need to adjust their diet or add a supplement. These types of supplements support a healthy amount of gut bacteria and help to control glucose levels, healthy blood pressure, energy production, and muscle relaxation to re-jumpstart a healthy gut.

What Kills Good Gut Flora?


Today, many people immediately ingest a course of antibiotics for inflammation, illnesses,  medical complications or injuries. In my practice, I have seen that many of those who seek my help and have used antibiotics in the past, always have problems with digestion. These digestion issues could stem from the constant use of antibiotics, as they can cause havoc in the gut flora and create an environment where the food cannot be properly broken down or absorbed.

Pedantic Hygiene

The microbiome is a part of the skin, and many people regularly use harsh products that damage their natural microbiome layer. Lotions, cosmetics, shower gels, soaps, etc., can be powerful antibiotic elements and remove a lot of the good bacteria, leaving an imbalance in its place. I have had many clients come to me and state that acne is their main problem, but they didn’t realize that the acne was the result of a skin product overuse! With such “anti-germ” sentiment, people have begun to move away from natural products and into synthetic, chemical and abrasive products, which creates an additional barrier to recreating a healthy gut flora.  

Food Allergies

Not every person can eat “whatever they want.” Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many of us today. Chronic food allergy diseases like celiac disease and gluten intolerance force people to have restricted. People can also force the issue of food reactions through alcohol and excessive food consumption.

To restore gut bacteria and good health takes time. You only need the right support system and commitment. With the right approach to functional medicine, it is possible to be back on track!


Chen is a Functional Nutrition expert consultant,  leading authority on weight management, women’s health and gluten sensitivity. She is a clinician, public speaker, educator and Amazon Best Seller author of “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough – The Balanced Diet”.

Chen uses Functional Nutrition to help you find answers to the root causes of your illness and address the biochemical imbalances that may trigger your health and weight. She uses cutting edge lab testing and design the nutritional program to your specific needs as an individual. Food, supplements, lifestyle changes will have integrated to bring balance

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