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Weight Gain is the First Sign of Imbalance

Crazy Times Require Rapid Action!!

Looking forward into 2022 and the years to come following this health crisis that has affected each one of us. From a global perspective, this crisis is trying to teach us that ignoring any tiny health matter can lead to a larger crisis, only to find it coming back to you when the next crisis occurs. Before that occurs notice imbalances in your body now and weight gain is the first sign of it.

Implementing a nutritional and wellness program to rebuild a balanced body and health resiliency is almost a must.

As we see, over again and again, in the last few months, obesity and being overweight have been proven to be a key player in ensuing severe complications in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

In fact, 1 in 2 adults in the U.S. are struggling with a chronic disease. Even worse, 1 in 4 adults has a cluster of two or more chronic diseases, inlcuding weight gain.

There’s tremendously high numbers of people struggling with chronic diseases and weight gain  cannot be ignored anymore.

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Weight loss resolutions, are they any good?

Traditionally, January is the time of renewing resolutions, including weight loss goals. Hence, weight loss clinics are bursting, Google searches for weight loss spike, weight loss supplements sales double, and everyone is in full swing to press the reset button on their health.

Really, has that ever helped anyone lose weight or get healthy?

Here are some facts!

  • A substantial proportion of obese US adults who attempted to lose weight reported weight loss, at least in the short term.
  • Obese adults were more likely to report achieving significant weight loss if they ate less fat, exercised more, used prescription weight loss medications, or participated in commercial weight loss programs.

No MORE “Same Old Same Old”

Portion vs. Quality!

Thousands are struggling each day trying to lose weight.  You are not alone in the journey of losing weight. Thousands of Americans are struggling each day trying to lose weight. But it is not a matter of will.

It includes eating right, fueling your cells with nutrients; it’s about stress levels, hormone fluctuations, digestion, quality of sleep, gender, age, height, weight, level of exercise, Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), and much more. 

These are some of the factors that contribute to weight gain and need to be addressed if you aim to lose your weight for good.

Weight Gain is the first Sign of Your body Telling You Are NOT BALANCED.

This year you want to bring BALANCE and RESILIENCE to your body to create A NEW WAY OF LIFE.

Nature stands at the fulcrum of ‘balance’!

We come across this phrase often that ‘moderation is the key.’ Now is the time you start practicing it in your weight loss journey because achieving balance in your nutrition, sleep, stress, and lifestyle ensures optimal health conditions.

Life has its own rules & order. Chaos in the natural biological environment creates only DISEASES and IMBALANCES.

Today, I invite you to act and book your 20-minute FREE consultation with me to learn more about our successful program “Gain Health Lose Weight” and WIN YOUR HEALTH back!

My unique weight loss program focuses on realistic behavioral and lifestyle changes that anyone can adopt effortlessly, even if you have a CEO-like hectic work-life routine.

How the Program Works

The program consists of 10 Nutritional Sessions (30 minutes each)

During these sessions, we will track your progress, address your unique challenges, and provide you with the knowledge you need to make a smart nutritional choice in your daily routine to lose weight safely until optimal weight loss is achieved.

The program also includes:

  • New recipes that will keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Real foods, spices & herbs that you want to include in your daily diet.
  • Tips & Tactics that will change your life
  • Learn how to manage hunger.
  • Learn how to decrease carbohydrate cravings.
  • Learn how to manage your food intake.
  • Learn about hidden ingredients that stop you from losing weight.
  • Learn how to manage big holiday dinners.
  • Learn the connection between sleep patterns & weight loss

And much more

Sometimes, nutrition & workout are just not enough to lose weight!

Our Personalized Weight Loss Program recognizes that each of us has his/ her own body composition that needs to be addressed in 1-on-1 sessions. Stress, food allergies, hormone imbalances, and injuries can be huge obstacles to weight loss. 

If required, we also offer a customized nutrition plan considering your gender, age, height, weight, Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), resting metabolic rate (RMR), thermic effects of food, daily schedule & food preferences –all at a discounted rate.

How to Get Started?  With a FREE consultation! Yes, no obligations at all!

To determine if this program is right for you, just call us at (408) 966-4972 to schedule your FREE consultation and begin your journey towards optimal health and well-being!

Bring BALANCE and  RESILIENCE to your body and create A NEW WAY OF LIFE.

Start your journey today! Call 408-966-4972 to reserve your place in the next session!

Listen to my happy & healthy clients…

 “I’m 38 years old, a mom of 4 kids, always busy. I tried to lose my extra pounds I gained along the years. I followed every diet or bit of advice I could to support my goal to lose weight. I ended up with no energy, having spent hundreds of dollars on the gym, still craving sweets, feeling stressed and always feeling hungry. After 2 weeks in the program “Gain Health Lose Weight”, I noticed a huge difference.  Eating real foods, adding more fresh produce, new flavors, and tastes made a big change in my life. The weekly tips were such a great addition. The recipes and the cooking results (DELICIOUS) impacted not just my eating habits but also my kids’ eating habits as well. Chen is an inspiration to me. Everyone can benefit from this program, losing weight and gaining health.” –SZB.

“I am a computer engineer, working full time in a very demanding and stressful work environment, taking frequent business trips, eating at least once a day in a restaurant.  I never had the time to cook or shop for food. I started to gain weight, faced low energy, and started to slow down.  I joined the program and realized the connection between wrong eating habits, energy production, and life effectiveness.  I changed my food habits, started to eat better, and LOVED the weekly tips (still have room for improvements). I regained control of my life, and most importantly, lost weight and gained health! I highly recommended this program.  Chen is wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring. Worth every penny!” –BM.

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