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When High Fat Diet is not High Fat Diet for Metabolism

The Untapped Gold Mine of When High Fat Diet is not High Fat Diet for Metabolism That Virtually No One Knows About

You might probably already heard about the wide use of terms “low-fat diet” and “high-fat diet,” but this time we will focus on the aspect that not always it is the typical high fat diet for weight loss.

When we talk about this diet, we mean high carbohydrate (CHO) diet. Regarding metabolism, dietary fat has quite a passive role. Hormones regulate the fat disposition, but carbohydrate is also a part of it. Macronutrients are a very important part of energy metabolism, weight gain or loss. That also means that is more important to say not that one is what he or she eats but what they do with what they eat.

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High-fat diet and weight loss

The most important aspect here is the effect of carbohydrate and fat. Weight loss cannot just happen when restricting carbohydrates. One experiment shows analysis of macronutrients and the overall calorie consumption. The studies “show that carbohydrate reduction is not necessarily accompanied by replacement with either fat or protein but rather a caloric reduction due to the carbohydrate removed.”[1] These diets are high-fat diets but at the same time lead to a noticeable weight loss.

The best impact on weight is possible to tackle with carbohydrate and fat. Some of the studies show that replacing dietary carbohydrate with provides great weight loss.

High-fat diet and metabolism in case of diabetes

High-fat diet plan not always works. In the case of diabetes, the most important aspect is the control of lipid metabolism. It is done with insulin. Despite that, the American Diabetes Association states that a person with diabetes should have 60-70% intake of carbohydrates, recently it has received strong criticism.

The most important lesson is that one shouldn’t just stick to the characterization of a high-fat diet without also mentioning the level of carbohydrates.

What are carbohydrates?

  • Fibers
  • Starches
  • Sugars

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These substances are in many products that can be a part of the high-fat diet menu: vegetables, fruits, grains, and milk products. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the recommended daily amount of cabs for adults is 135 grams.[2] But each case is different, and there are numerous possible variations. And only the right kind of carbs can help to lose weight. A person cannot just look at the low carb fat diet food list or some other sources and choose that some of these foods will be the ultimate answer for dieting and healthy weight.


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