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Top Common Prejudices about Vasculitis

Previously you read about Hashimoto’s disease. This time it is time to look at vasculitis. The disease might be among very good causes of prejudice about this autoimmune disease. It is especially visible when talking about vasculitis treatment and the overall seriousness of the disease. It is important to note that functional medicine can only assist to make the overall situation better than it was.

Vasculitis is “inflammation of blood vessels.”[1] This inflammation then affects blood vessels the way that they become weaker, stretch, increase or decrease in size. They also can fully close.

Some people think that they are not within the group that could affect them because it is more common among women in a certain age or had have or will experience pregnancy. It is not true because vasculitis can affect anyone.

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The most common places of vasculitis:

  • Anywhere on skin
  • Brain
  • Eye
  • Certain internal organs

Some vasculitis types can affect more organs and other parts at the same time. Some forms might be so severe that they affect critical organs.

Vasculitis causes

The possible causes are still in question because it involves various aspects leading to the disease, including ongoing infections. Infections can come from certain viruses and other triggers. Another big aspect is medications. In my experience, I have had numerous women, who come with some serious sin and other problems. They mainly say that doctors prescribed them antibiotics or immune-suppressive medicaments to lower the damage that the body does to itself. But it means that inflammation runs without control, leaving ugly marks on the skin and deeper problems. Vasculitis diagnosis doesn’t stop with just taking numerous pills and looking if they will somehow help.

Vasculitis prognosis and seriousness

I have experience that many people think that vasculitis same as some other autoimmune diseases are not severe. As we hear a lot about cancer, heart attack, and other in many cases fatal diseases, it is clear that it is the basic causes of prejudice that many people live. Did you know that weakened blood that bleeds could cause death? Or that vasculitis in the brain can cause a stroke or a heart attack if it affects the heart? Luckily, it happens rarely. In case there are a blockage and blood vessels cannot reach some particular spot, tissue will die. The negative process can affect any part of the body including tissues and organs as a whole. Kidney failure is also common.

Vasculitis symptoms:

  • Rash
  • Abnormal sensations
  • Loss of sensations
  • Muscle weakness

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Tests might detect many abnormalities like urine tests for kidney failure. However, it is when the damage is big. This stage requires a more aggressive treatment (e.g., chemotherapy drugs or corticosteroid medications). The case might be different if people choose to draw more attention to their bodies and see signs of something out of order. Up next, read more about how myasthenia gravis affects muscles.


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