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The Reasons Behind Bruising

Some people might notice that they bruise more easily than others. That makes me wonder: what is the reason behind bruising? 

Various reasons might come together, and despite each case might be different, there is evidence that helps to establish the most common causes. Supplementation is one of the solutions.

When a person falls or somehow else hits some spot of the body, it can cause capillaries (small blood vessels) near the skin’s surface to break. Then they leak red blood cells. Visually the process is seen as reddish-purple or black and blue spots on the skin.

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Reasons For Bruising

Bruising can result from any injury of the blood vessels in the skin. During the healing process, the spots begin to fade to green, yellow, or brown and then disappear completely.

The cause of bruising might be something else than simply bumping skin that is also listed by the Dr. Mercola health news:

  • Age

The skin indeed loses some of the protective fatty layers that work as cushioning against bumps and falls with age. With time skin also becomes thinner as “the production of collagen slows.

  • Purpuric dermatosis

It is a vascular condition that causes thousands of small bruises on your shins as a result of blood leaking out of small capillaries. This occurrence is more common in older people.

  • Diabetes

It might be less heard, but some people with diabetes can develop dark skin spots. These marks are mostly located at the places where the skin touches the other skin quite often. The cause of these marks that appear like bruises is insulin resistance.

  • Straining during exercise

If someone puts too much stress on muscles like with a lot of weight lifting, this might cause bursting blood vessels. It appears then as bruising on the skin.

  • Medications

Medications like aspirin, anticoagulant medications, anti-platelet agents reduce the blood’s clotting ability and can also make bruising much easier. Some medications like aspirin, prednisone, prednisolone, oral contraceptives, etc. may also weaken the blood vessels increasing the likelihood of getting bruises.

  • Family history

It is a well-known fact that if some family members have some typical characteristics. That can also refer to bruising as a family tendency.

  • Sun

The certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher notes that the sun can be a good source to produce vitamin D for different benefits. But at the same time, too harmful exposure can cause the skin to become more sensitive and with less resilience.

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When addressing bruising, diet can be the most crucial factor as bioflavonoids can help blood capillaries to remain strong and flexible. Such bioflavonoid includes rutin and hesperidin. Also, increased vitamin C intake is proved to help to reduce bruising. We can help to find also other ways to fight bruising with slight changes in the lifestyle.


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