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Let’s Talk NUTRITION! with Chen Ben Asher

Part of our services is educating people within our community to support, control and Improve health symptoms.

Education is POWER!

Take this opportunity and invite your local Nutritionist, Chen Ben Asher, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® Consultant, to present to your organization, community, friends and family any of the below listed topics.

Come, celebrate, and benefits the joys of eating whole, healthy, nutrient-dense foods and learn to appreciate the healing power of real foods. Explore the science behind the foods we are eating and learn what is within your power to control, prevent and reverse health issues.

Why Most Diet Fail?

Did you know that after 19 days (on average), if you are on a strict diet you will start reaching for fatty foods, alcohol and chocolates? Why is that? How does that affect your health? and why do diets fail? In this workshop you will gain Safe and Successful Weight Loss Tips that will promote your desired goals.

Gluten Free, Yes or NO?

Learn what gluten is, where it’s found, what the difference is between gluten sensitivity and gluten allergy, what symptoms to look for, and what tests to seek from your doctor. Please join us for important insights, useful demonstrations, and delicious food samples

Suspected Food Sensitivity?

A Food Sensitivity is NOT A Food Allergies. In this nutritional presentation I will explain the differences, the common symptoms and the potential damages associated with Food Sensitivity. Studies show that it’s enough just to eliminate the food source as part of the healing process. Discuss what the steps you need to take in order to balance your health

Suspected Food Sensitivity?

A Food Sensitivity is NOT A Food Allergies. In this nutritional presentation I will explain the differences, the common symptoms and the potential damages associated with Food Sensitivity. Studies show that it’s enough just to eliminate the food source as part of the healing process. Discuss what the steps you need to take in order to balance your health

Feeding your BRAIN – Is it aging or nutritional deficiencies?

Your intellect, ability to learn, focus and remember depends upon your nutritional support of your brain as well as the ability of your gut to absorb, digest, assimilate and eliminate. Come and learn what foods could Boost and Fuel your Brain cells and improve your memory for optimum performance!

Can Arthritis Pain Be Reduced with Nutrition?

Rheumatoid Arthritis affects up to 23.5 million Americans with painful joint inflammation. Nutrition can ease the levels of pain and swelling and provide an answer to what caused pain the swelling.

Wake Up Your Thyroid

In between Hypo and Hyper-thyroidism: use nutrition to balance your thyroid glands and avoid committing to a lifetime of medication.

“Fat-al” – The Truth about Fats

Saturated fat, Trans fat, Monounsaturated fat, Omega-3 Vs. Omega-6, Triglycerides… confused?

In this remarkable workshop you will gain information about Fats & Oils, why, what and how much to consume, Quality Vs. Quantity and much more.

Metabolic Syndrome and the Immune System – The Perfect Balance

High Cholesterol, High Glucose and over Weight are all part of your body’s immune system’s manifestation. Nutrition can support your health by reducing blood markers.

This presentation will give you a NUTRITIONAL starting BOOST to improve your health.

The Bitter Truth about SUGAR!

The Bitter Truth About Sugar and Its Effects on Our Health. Studies show a direct correlation between high consumption of sugar and long term chronic diseases like, diabetes, cardiovascular disease weight gain, obesity and even cancer.

Is Sugar Always Bad? … too much Vs. too little… in between fat and sickness, hidden substance, metabolism and weight gain.

In this fascinating presentation you will gain the key understanding about sugar, how to avoid high consumption of sugars, how sugar can affect your uric acid, what is insulin resistance and much more. As well as, great tips which you could apply immediately. Take control on your health and weight.

Tired of being tired? How to Gain Back your energy levels and start to enjoy again life!

Do you awaken exhausted? Do you feel tired after a meal? Are you relying on a cup of coffee or diet soda to keep up the day? Is it impossible for you to lose weight regardless to any dietary or physical efforts you make? Is it hormonal Imbalances, Food, Environmental or Bacterial toxicity? Or a combination of all. In this presentation will gain practical and helpful information to restore your energy.

Weight Gain & Nutrition During Pre & Post-Menopause

The most profound weight gain in women and men’s life happen to be during the years leading to menopause. Studies shows that 90% of pre-and menopausal women and men will experience weight gain (12-15 pounds in average) due to hormonal changes, lifestyle and genetic factors. Hot flashes, depression, mood swings, insomnia and weight gain are some of the body’s expression to the hormonal changes. Hormones are completely dependent on nutrients availability and ion concentration. In this informative presentation you will gain practical and natural methods to relieve symptoms, mainly focusing on diet, nutritional supplements and herbs that will support you to sail this period in safe.

Prevent Cancer by Eating Better

The link between nutrition and cancer is proved by hundreds of scientific research. In fact, studies show that at least 35 percent of all cancers are related to diet. We can’t ignore it! We are eating 2-5 times a day every day! The quality and the quantity, of the foods we eat are essential for our health especially when we are dealing with cancer. In this informative seminar you will gain practical knowledge on what kind of foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy, meat etc), herbs and spices, can affect and prevent your cancer growth, and what type of phytochemicals, phytoestrogens, antioxidants, mineral & vitamins will strengthen your immune function to destroy cancer-causing substances before they cause more harm. This presentation is for anyone: those, who have cancer, family members, and those who want to prevent cancer

For Parents – Raising Healthy Kid’s

Nutrition as The Missing Part among Children with Learning Disabilities

What children eat affects how they act, think, and learn – Understanding Nutrition and the Brain will encourage you to start to implement food changes for your child behavioral improvements.

Back To School

Raising Healthy Kids in a TOXIC world. The Most Updated

Practical Implementation for a busy MOM raising healthy kid.

Nutrition for Teen Age Girls

How to support your teen age daughter with key nutrients and “real” foods to go through this crazy time of physical changes and potential weight gain. Raising Healthy Daughters – Creating Healthy Women!

Childhood Obesity – A National Epidemic

Nearly 1 in 3 children (ages 2-19) in the USA are overweight or obese, risking their present and future health. The road for healthy living requires Balanced Nutrition. Understanding Childhood Overweight is more complicated than cutting on calories. Quality of food, lifestyle, bio and environmental toxins, stress are part of this epidemic negatively affecting every aspect of our society. Take control on your child present and future health by practical changing. Real Food – Real Healthy Kids!

The Brain Gut Connection! – Our Second Brain!

Do you or your child have a history of gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort, episodes of diarrhea or constipation? Is it affecting your brain, memory and academic achievements.


HERBS & SPICES to cross the winter safely – Natural Remedies for you & your children!

How to prevent winter colds, stuffy noses and sore throat with home-made medicinal foods that will balance your child’s life. Learn how to boost your children’s immune system and help you eliminate the need for antibiotics or any other drug!

In this workshop you’ll learn what herbs and spices you want to add to your child’s daily food intake. The benefits of each substance on overall health, as well as working recipes that you could adopt immediately.

Be prepared and Get ready for the winter with a strong immune system!

Home-made SPROUTS an Additional Nutritious meal!

In this hands-on experiential workshop, you will gain the knowledge of the importance of adding sprouts as a raw food in your diet. Learn how easy and simple it is.

The workshops include all the sprouting supplies you need.

Enjoy the goodness of home grown sprouts with every meal!

Get to know your MUSHROOMS!

Mushroom are truly magical. Come, learn about the healing power of mushrooms especially for those among us that need to enhance their immune system (who doesn’t!) and how to incorporate different types of mushrooms into your diet.

Knowledge & recipes what to ask for

Hands-On-Cooking Experience

Hands-On-Cooking Experience

Seaweed Wraps Collard Vegetables

Hijiki – Nori Almond-Orange-Garlic Super Powerful Sauce

Dinner Option – Make it in 20-30 minutes

Quinoa, Lemon- Turmeric Chicken, Green Salad

A Romantic Dinner – Go Healthy!

Spaghetti, Meat Balls & Green Salads, Love & Chocolate Muffin

Soups – Warm your Soul, Nourish Your Body

Red Lentil Soup, Carrot-Squash-Orange-Ginger Soup, Mineral Broth Soup


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