Strategies to Reverse Autoimmune Disease: It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Autoimmune disease problem is topical as it is taking over the world. Just in America, there are more than 50 million people with some autoimmune disease.[1] Some people have wrong perceptions of the diseases and treatment. You can read more about the lies surrounding the autoimmune disease. The truth is that with the right approach it is possible to reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body.

The immune system is one of the main aspects here because most of the autoimmune diseases occur when this system is overactive and starts attacking healthy body parts.

What can your immune system be battling?

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In this nowadays situation it is hard to avoid some of these negative influencers especially if you don’t see them that way. That is also one of the reasons why using doctor’s prescribed pills not always works. The functional approach is the solution that might help to answer how to get rid of autoimmune diseases or prevent. I encourage searching for a specialist that can identify the cause (s). Apart from the cause, further you can read some of the steps that I suggest to a person, and they feel an improvement in a shorter or longer time.

Tips to deal with autoimmune diseases smartly:

  1. Test for celiac disease, hidden infections (viruses, bacteria, Lyme, yeast, etc.), and heavy metal toxicity. There is research available that shows that mercury and other metals cause autoimmunity.
  2. A person might also need to check if they have some allergies. Only then it is possible to find the right diet and what kind of foods to avoid by any means.
  3. Choose anti-inflammatory diet. There are certain foods to avoid autoimmune diseases like oils that are refined, omega-6, soy, corn, and safflower oils.
  4. Fix gut. The gut is a crucial aspect of treating an autoimmune disease. You can read more about gut health in this previous article. Why is it so important? A huge part of the immune system itself has to do with the cell lining of the gut. If something causes this lining to break, the immune system will get activated towards bugs, toxins, and even foods. Anti-inflammatory with a certain understanding about foods to avoid with autoimmune disease.
  5. Use natural or other supplements for autoimmune disease like Balance-ProBi-3 But fish oil, vitamin D and C, probiotics are the best ones to work as natural calmers of the immune system. Anti-inflammatory nutrients are also important.
  6. Exercising also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Even just going for a short walk can make a positive impact.
  7. Sleep enough, and keep it in good Lack of sleep slows metabolism, makes cravings for unhealthy food stronger (e.g., sugar).

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