Nutrition is more than a passion for me; it’s a way that I put my “healing” practice to work. My name is Chen Ben Asher, and I’m the owner of Mor’s Nutrition & More. Every day, I work with individuals just like you. Whether they suffer from chronic health issues, constant stomach upset, or the frustration of never being able to lose weight no matter what they try, I know that making key, sustainable changes in both diet and lifestyle have life-changing effects. 

It is my passion to serve as a one-part guide, one-part investigator, one-part clinician, and one-part nutritional healer as we work to find the personalized nutritional plan to get you back on to the road towards health, vibrancy, and wellbeing. That is only possible when my clients and I enjoy a positive, engaged, and connected relationship.

A free, 30-minute consultation is the first step in establishing whether we’re the right client and Saratoga nutritionist fit, before proceeding further. Feel free to contact me online, email me (, or give me a call at +1 408-966-4972 to schedule your consultation or to learn more about my services.

What is Functional Nutrition & Who Does it Help?

I use the term functional nutrition because I use nutrition as a foundation for human health and a means of addressing a wide range of common health conditions and imbalances. I also use nutrition as a functional, antidote to the body’s current systemic dysfunction.

As a result, clients who work with me find new and healthier ways to relate to food, and they learn what foods are best for their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Together, we find solutions to health issues such as:

  • Gut imbalances
  • Being chronically overweight or obese
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Sleep disorders
  • Nutritional therapy for cancer and other chronic diseases

Gut imbalances

If your gut isn’t healthy, lacking the diverse micro-flora and fauna integral to the collaborative system that is digestion, you are malnourished. And, most likely, you’re incredibly uncomfortable on a regular basis. If gut health is out of whack, the healthy nutrients your body needs simply flow right on through, while less healthy items (processed sugars/carbs and toxins) make their way into your cells.

More severe gut issues can lead to debilitating pain and discomfort, bloating, weight gain, disease, metabolic issues, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disorders – most of which can be supported or eliminated via functional nutrition.

Being chronically overweight or obese

Clients who struggle with weight inevitably struggle with self-criticism around their inability to lose weight regardless of what they try. That admittance is the first clue that I can help. And, it’s time to switch out culture’s rooted paradigm that “losing weight makes us healthier.” I find the inverse to be true; we often have to gain health before we lose weight.

Weight issues are frequently the effect of other latent imbalances such as imbalanced hormones, insulin resistance that causes sugar cravings, or gut issues that prevent the right nutrients from being absorbed by the g.i. tract. Once we figure out the What, we’ll figure out the How, and you’ll start to feel healthier as you watch the pounds melt away.

Hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalances affect hunger and digestion and then create a cascade of effects that range from weight gain and lethargy to infertility and mood disorders. Nutrition is a first-tier support for hormone balance, which then improves other aspects of your day-to-day physiology and function.

Sleep disorders

You’re probably not surprised to read that sleep disorders are often linked to any of the above. From an unhealthy gut to hormone imbalances or health issues related to obesity, sleep disorders take their toll on your physical health, and also make it challenging to feel joyful and vibrant.

Once we’ve established the root cause of your sleep disturbances, we’ll find the combination of foods, recipes, and supplements that support a healthy sleep cycle and your circadian rhythm.

Nutritional therapy for cancer and other chronic diseases

The right foods and supplements are potent healers, as well as sources of energy and nourishment as you work to heal your illness and restore a healthy baseline. Whether you’re participating in western medical treatments, using alternative medicine, or opt for an integrated approach – I’m here to provide nutritional therapy to support your body’s immune system and reduce inflammation and infection throughout your illness, treatment, and a fresh start into a disease-free life.

San Jose Nutritionist Dietitian

Scientific Answers Yield More Sustainable Nutritional Solutions

I use a wide range of scientific data to design my clients’ personalized nutrition plans. This includes tests and screenings such as:

Are you interested in learning more about functional nutrition and getting to the root cause of what ails you?

Please consider consulting with a Saratoga nutritionist who is passionate about using smart nutritional information to support weight loss and health gain. I look forward to working with you and hope you’ll contact me here at Mor’s Nutrition & More to get started. +1 408-966-4972.