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Santa Clara Nutritionist
Using a Personalized Approach

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Mor’s Nutrition & More works closely with clients to get the root of their health issues or concern, whether that’s being overweight, lacking energy, auto-immune issues, and other diseases. By working with your body as a whole, we’ll create a personalized, functional plan to get you back in balance, and securely on the path to wellness.

It’s Time to Work with a Professional Nutritionist When…

If you’ve found my website, it’s a sign that your body and soul are ready to make a change, one that has a more functional and sustainable impact than another boiler-plate diet fad or exercise routine.

Yes, diet and exercise are foundations of health and wellbeing – but the key is to find the diet and lifestyle choices that are the best match for your body, tastes, interests, and needs. That’s where a free consultation with a nutritionist comes in.

You’ll benefit from the coaching and support from a personal nutritionist if you:

  • Continue to gain weight, or struggle to lose excess weight, regardless of what you try
  • Constantly feel fatigued, bloated or “not quite yourself”
  • Have interrupted sleep patterns
  • Experience chronic stomach pain, poor digestion, gas, bloating or inflammation, or general g.i. discomfort
  • Have diabetes and want to enjoy a colorful, flavorful diet
  • Experience symptoms of hormone imbalance or infertility
  • Want to optimize your health and wellbeing to support a known diagnosis
  • Are interested in using nutrition and supplementation as an alternative therapy, OR to compliment or augment a conventional treatment plan
  • Suspect you have food sensitivities or allergies
  • Know it’s time to make a change for the better in terms of diet and healthy lifestyle choices

If any of those resonate with you, I encourage you to reach out and contact me online or give me a call at 408-966-4972. It’s important to feel comfortable, safe, as well as connected with your future nutritionist in order for our work together to be fruitful.

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A Personalized, Functional Nutrition Supports the Whole You

While your symptoms affect a particular part of your body, or may be linked to a diagnosable disorder or disease, none of those separate elements are You.

When we work together, we’ll use a combination of assessments and tests, as well as plenty of Q&A,  based conversations, to get to the root of what’s ailing you. Then we’ll establish what’s needed to provide the core foundation of your nutrition plan.

These assessments or tests may include:

  • The provision of certain blood/lab tests or medical records (the ideal is to work with your current health professionals, so you are consistently supported on all sides)
  • Genetic nutritional interpretation to illuminate what is inherited so we can target it more acutely
  • Hair analysis. Your DNA is only a small part of what makes you, You. Hair analysis shows us how your body and systems are responding to additional factors, including diet, toxins, malnutrition or lack of certain vitamins/minerals/essential amino acids, etc.

Results of these tests, combined with our conversations, will direct your personalized nutrition plan and any other treatments recommended for restoring your health.

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Examples of Customized Nutrition Plans:

Together, we’ll design your optimal nutrition and supplementation plans. For many clients, this is the first time they experience how incredible it feels to eat well, benefitting from the nutrients most essential for nourishing and healing their bodies.

Some of the most common customized treatment plans I provide include:

Ready to Prioritize Your Health and Wellbeing?

In an era that celebrates and supports self-care, why not pare that focused care back to the essential level, learning more about what your body needs and wants to be healthier, more energetic, balanced, and whole?

I’m grateful to work as a board-certified nutritionist in Santa Clara and the surrounding Bay Area, where healthy lifestyles are becoming a way of being. I look forward to partnering with you as we embrace curiosity and investigative science to learn precisely what you need to be well.

Please contact me online to schedule a free consultation, or give me a call directly at 408-966-4972. It’s time to take the first, sustainable step along the journey to a healthier you.

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