Client Reviews

Client Reviews

I started working with Chen 6 months ago and her process of educating me about what foods impact my body was extremely helpful; she takes the time to understand my issues and customizes her program for my own needs.

She is detail oriented and provides life changing skills that not only helped me but my family too. She is very professional,  a good communicator and caring towards her clients.

I recommend Chen for people who have never taken the time to focus on their bodies, who put themselves last and the needs of their families first because I learned from Chen that I have to care for my body so that I can always be there for my family. – Yukti S

In 2010 our six year old daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Conventional medicine had very little to offer so we have decided to keep monitoring the tumor growth while turning to alternative methods, hoping it would not grow any further. One suggested approach was a diet change by improving our daughter’s nutrition. Going into a restricted diet is a big challenge. Just imagine going thought such a change with a 6 years old child. Chen made an instant natural connection with our daughter. They met on a weekly basis which was a powerful method for promoting and institutionalizing the change.

Chen brought a wealth of knowledge and scientific proof behind her recommended diets and supplements. She made it a positive and fun experience for our daughter so she could incorporate the healing diet changes. We all had to learn how to eat fresh, organic green vegetables and fruits to support our daughter’s challenges. We gradually stayed away from commercial foods, sodas, candies, sweets and moved into much healthier choices.

Chen went beyond the general recommendations. She created recipes that included booster foods, herbs and spices which promotes the healing process all based on scientific evidence she shared with us. Her background and experience in working with children greatly facilitated the process and made a HUGE impact on our daughter’s life. We are deeply grateful to Chen for her commitment, professionalism, and most of all for her genuine care and personal touch. Chen has become a close member of our family and we feel fortunate for that. – S. & E. F

Chen is great and has helped me a lot with my issues. Before I started with her, I had so much pain and inflammation. I had gone to see a specialist and they wanted to put me on medication. After doing some research and finding out that the medication has made people worse than before,  I found Chen made a consultation with her and got started.

I was dealing with bloating, gas, joint pain and through knowledge and the correct supplementation these issues are getting much better and I am much happier. I definitely recommend Chen if you are truly looking to heal yourself.  – Brian S

I highly recommend Chen. I went to her to figure out a better way to lose weight. Instead I learned about the food allergies I had, and essentially how unhealthy my body had become without me realizing it.  – Roya G

Chen Ben Asher was literally a life saver for my family! My dad had been diagnosed with terminal metastatic prostate cancer that had ravaged his body quickly due to his poor nutritional and mental health. Chen gave my family hope by turning my dad’s habits around through scientific nutritional changes to his diet.

His blood tests came back improved, one after another, and the realization that this was not an immediate death sentence changed his life and outlook! Without Chen I have no doubt that my dad would have passed over a year ago. But thanks to her unending knowledge of nutrition and support my dad is still here today, juicing vegetables taking his supplements and respecting the value of a body fueled by pure, healthy foods. – SJ

I would highly recommend Chen for the following reasons:

1.) Chen tries to see things in a big picture. She didn’t give me a fix just for something which I consulted her for. She taught me a healthy way of living.

2.) Chen is a very knowledgeable person. From the sessions, I have learnt a lot of things from her. She explains things in a simple language that we can understand clearly.

3.) Chen is very patient. Learning about how our body works and how different type of food impacts us is totally new to me. At times I wouldn’t understand it. Without any hesitation, Chen would repeat it and make me understand things clearly.

4.) Her fee is affordable and she is very transparent.

5.) Chen has compiled lot of healthy and easy recipes.

6.) Chen has experience working with doctors to treat their patients. This is one reason why I am glad that I consulted her.

7. ) Above all she is sweet and a very a good person to deal with. These are the benefits that I personally feel after consulting with her

On the whole I am really glad that I met Chen. I would happily recommend her to anyone. – Rajesh A.

Dear Chen, I want to thank you for who you are and how you have changed my life. I would like to share a review: I hired her after seeing positive results on two of my friends. It’s a lifestyle change; it’s about listening to your body’s signals and learning how to nourish your body. The amazing part is that the numbers were coming down without struggling. I loved her place, her style, and her paying attention to details. Most of all, her flexibility  and professionalism. I lost 14 pounds in less than 3 months, and the results speak for themselves. – Shamai D.

“The Weight Loss Program helped me realize the connection between wrong eating habits and life effectiveness.”

I’m a computer engineer, working full time in a very demanding and stressful work environment. I go on frequent business trips, eat at least once a day in some kind of a restaurant. I never had the time to cook or shop for foods. I started to gain weight, experience low energy, and really noticed that I was starting to slow down. I joined the “Lose Weight, Gain Health” program, and Chen helped me realize the connection between wrong eating habits, production of energy, and life effectiveness. I changed my food habits, stated to eat better, and LOVED the weekly tips.

I successfully gained back control of my life and most importantly lost weight and gained health! I highly recommend this program, Chen is wonderful, knowledgeable and very caring. It was worth every penny! – B.M

Chen is a true professional. she’s very knowledgable, compassionate and caring. She’s all about helping you get on track for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about losing 20lbs in 10 days type of program. Those don’t work in the long run. Chen has a holistic approach to people and their lives. After a deep and long diagnostic process, she’ll work with you to find how you can eat well, lose weight, and live a better and more balanced life. I’ve worked with her for a year in her individual sessions, not the groups one. I’ve lost 30LB. I sleep better, my glucose and cholesterol levels are balanced, and I feel great! Moreover – it’s now 18 months later, and I’ve kept my weight off. I made a major life change both for myself, and for my entire. Chen taught me a lot. It was not easy nor quick, but totally worth it as I plan to be here for a long time! – H “HAK” A.

From kale to cauliflower, whole wheat pastry to pasta, Chen finds creative ways to bring seasonal dishes with organic ingredients into the classroom! Mondays with Chen are the highlight of the week for my daughter. She has been enrolled in Chen’s cooking class for one and a half years and still looks forward to it each week. We love the tasty and healthy treats she brings home to share with our family and the enthusiasm she has for sharing the knowledge she has learned in preparing the food.

As a very picky eater, it has also opened her eyes to the benefits of expanding her culinary choices. From kale to cauliflower, whole wheat pastry to pasta, Chen finds creative ways to bring seasonal dishes with organic ingredients into the classroom while also maintaining a commitment to following a Kosher and vegetarian diet. Thank you!! – JSP

I could not lose weight for so many years. I thought I was premenstrual and not balanced hormonally. I found out I have candida: food sensitivity to white eggs and dairy. My ability to digest food declined and I was miserable. It took me 7 to 10 months to get rid of the candida, nutrient deficiencies and I lost 13 pounds. Chen is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable with functional nutrition (which is SO different from anything I knew before). Thank you for being there for me. – C.B.

Chen Ben Asher is very professional and highly skilled holistic nutritionist. She not only knows her trade but she also gives her all to her clients. Chen treated me and she is now working with my son. After one week on her program my son stopped having stomach pain,  started sleeping better at night and is having much more energy throughout the day. I strongly recommend her to everyone I know. – Ayelet G.

Chen makes me feel like I can reach my weight and health goals. Instructions are simple and progressive so you aren’t overwhelmed with too much at one time! – SM

I recommend Chen to anyone seeking nutritional counseling! Chen has a comprehensive knowledge of food and nutrition. She understands what feeds diseases and what supplements should be taken to facilitate the healing process. She provides flexible support for the physical and emotional needs of her patients.

Her expertise extends to conveying her knowledge and enabling her clients to understand their own nutritional needs. Based on my experience with Chen, I am confident in recommending her to anyone seeking nutritional counseling. – FW

Let’s get your hormones balanced first & weight loss will come as a side effect!  Listening to the informational presentation Chen gave, inspired me to make better choices with my food! For years I have been confused as to why my diet and exercise routines have failed, but the advice Chen gave me for my diet made sense! Hearing scientific and logical instructions for dieting and exercise have inspired me to change my habits! – C.E.

After 2 weeks in the “Losing Weight Gaining Health“ program, I noticed a huge difference. I’m 38 years old, a mom of 4 kids, and I am always busy. I tried to lose the extra pounds I gained throughout the years. I followed every diet or advice I could find to support my goal to lose weight. I ended up with no energy, spending hundreds of dollars on the gym, craving sweets, stressed and always feeling hungry. After 2 weeks in the “Losing Weight Gaining Health” program, I noticed a huge difference. Eating real foods, adding more fresh produce, new flavors and tastes, made a big change in my life.

The weekly tips were such a great addition. Not to mention the recipes and the cooking results (delicious), impacted not just my eating habits but also my kids eating habits. Chen is an inspiration to me. – S.Z.B

I first came to Chen looking to lose weight. As I told her, I just had a miscarriage and tended to have mood swings. Chen said “let’s get your hormones balanced first, and the weight loss will come as a side effect.”  I was willing to go along and I soon became pregnant again! I’m now almost due. I’ve gained less than 20 pounds over this whole pregnancy, all while feeling good and strong both physically and emotionally.

I believe that my diet had a lot to do with this. Chen builds her program based on common sense, along with a profound understanding of the underlying biochemistry involved in the weight loss process. With Chen there is no “one menu fits all” but rather a personalized plan cut out for you according to your likes, dislikes and the healing your body needs at that moment.

Chen’s passion for her job comes through in every session, either group or on-on-one, and it really helps to keep up the motivation in this process of weight loss and building new habits. I would recommend Chen for everyone who is looking to lose weight, as part of a wholesome approach to maintaining (or returning to) good health. – H.M

When I got my blood test results back, I was deeply disturbed from what my doctor told me. With high triglyceride, high cholesterol levels and extremely high blood pressure, I was urged to make some radical diet changes. I took the advice of my wife and we contacted Chen Ben Asher for a consultation. Chen provided us with relevant and powerful information that we could adopt into our daily eating habits. She even thought of practical lunches at work and during my monthly business trip. I reduced drinking coffee (from 6 cups a day to 1 cup a day), sodas and sweeteners. Reduced eating processed food as much as my schedule permits it and moved to eating more fresh greens, fruits and salads.

I feel much better, I have more energy and most importantly I’m aware of my eating habits and eating choices. I lost 7 pounds, my blood pressure stabilized and my cholesterol level is declining. I highly recommended Chen Ben Asher to anyone who needs solid nutritional consultation to help balance his/her health through food readjustments and supplementation. – O.S

Chen’s workshop was a “call for action for me.” I realized how to make better nutritional choices (not cooking with olive oil – was the biggest one for me). This practical knowledge convinced me to change my cooking diet and to add more nutritional ingredients to my home cooking kitchen which immediately affected my whole family. Chen is incredibly knowledgeable, warm and supportive. I couldn’t make it without her! – S.C.

Chen is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive person. Her ability to share her knowledge in a way that the average person can understand, helps one to realize the affect that food has on the human body and the benefits you can gain by making better food choices.

Chen has introduced my family and I to a whole new way of life! New fruits and vegetables that we did not know existed, but we now look forward to eating. We have noticed the difference in our health just by following Chen’s recommendation of eating two green salads a day with a special dressing that Chen recommends. We have also benefited from Chen’s recommendation of eating vegetable soup two times a day and from preparing our food differently. The food still tastes great, but is cooked and seasoned in a healthier manner.

It has truly been a blessing to have met Chen and to have benefited from her knowledge and wisdom. I look forward to my time with Chen and I am excited to see what the future has in store for our family in terms of losing weight, eating healthier, and learning more about the benefits of proper nutrition. – K.S.

Chen makes me feel like I can reach my weight and health goals. Instructions are simple and progressive so you aren’t overwhelmed with too much at one time. – ED

Nutrition and Chen, have made such a big change on the quality of my life. No need to suffer, no need for medication. Highly recommended. – DS

Love it, great tips, easy to adopt! Made me think more about the connection between my “bad” eating habits and my daily low energies (still working on it…). Chen’s genuine knowledge, and honesty made me to start walking slowing through this journey of being active, with the full intention improving my eating choices. – I.M.

Chen is very professional and knowledgeable and she has helped me to understand my body better. I started visiting Chen with the main goal of losing weight for my wedding. Chen is very professional and knowledgeable and she has helped me understand my body better.  It has been 2 months and I am not only losing weight, I am losing it the right way. I feel healthier, I eat healthier and everything else has just fallen into the right place. I would definitely recommend visiting Chen if you are looking for a healthier and balanced lifestyle without any drastic or harmful measures.– Neha Y.

Chen has changed the way I live, eat and conduct myself. Within the space of 6 months, I have improved the breadth of what I can eat (I could barely eat potatoes and dry chicken), completely controlled my sugar addiction (I would eat bags of candy), and added stability to my day when I eat outside my home. She has taught me how to live a different and healthier way. I can’t thank her enough. – Inderjeet S.

Really love working with Chen — I go in for my personal consultation and she makes me feel like I can reach my weight and health goals. She makes the instructions simple and progressive so you aren’t overwhelmed with too much at one time. If you want sensible healthy eating plan, Chen is the right person to go too. – Ed B.

When I first came to Chen I was a desperate and broken individual – both mentally and physically. I had battled depression for many years and my body was starting to wear down. I couldn’t sleep, had aches everywhere and major digestive problems. Of course, my first stop was the doctor’s office. What a joke that was. After taking medication after medication and given useless advice, I decided to try a nutritionist. I went through many websites and looked over tons of reviews and after several days on the computer I decided I would go with Chen.

I went into her office a little skeptical and weary because “what could she tell me, that I haven’t heard before.” Within minutes of meeting her, I knew I was at the right place. She asked me questions no other doctor had ever asked, like “stick out your tongue so I can see if you have white film on it,” or “do you always get red rashes on your chest like you have now?” Just by those simple observations she was able to give me advice and start me on the right path to getting happy and healthy.

It hasn’t been an easy road trying to break my bad habits and I have stumbled a time or two, but having a nutritionist that truly cares and believes in me has helped me during those times. I wouldn’t be where I am today, happy and healthy, without Chen. She’s my miracle worker. – S H.

It was a great experience working with Chen. I lost weight and found a new and tasty world. – Ira H.

My first visit with Chen was 5 months, and that visit changed my life. I have thyroid problems and I felt awful. My body, my mind, my mood was in tatters. So, I took the decision to make an appointment with her to see if she could help me feel better.

Chen is a surprising person, and an excellent professional. She really knows what she’s doing, and she does it very well. She is not simply a nutritionist who will tell you what to eat and not eat; she goes far beyond that, and she makes the everything tailored to your specific needs.

In the process, she has been supporting me, giving me ideas and we have been finding solutions together! If you are looking for personalized nutritional advice, give yourself the opportunity to visit Mor’s Nutrition. I am quite sure that you will not regret it! – Nanny A.

I have been working with Chen for 4 months, both individually and in a group. Chen inspires me – she is full of energy and knows so much about food and it’s impact on the body and the mind. She really managed to help me shift my relationship with food from someone who saw food as an enemy to conquer, to someone who enjoys food and sees it as a friend. Here is what I got working with Chen:

Chen helped me organize my food choices and I even began cooking for myself and my family – something that I haven’t been able to do before,  in spite of multiple efforts.  She helped me balance my moody PMS via nutrition. I lost my cravings for carbs and sugar. My skin cleared up. I can follow hunger and fullness because I don’t have many cravings. I lost a few inches all around my body (especially around my waist) and I am now full of energy. – Danielle H.

We wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation to Chen’s hard work leading us during my difficult times dealing with breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. Chen was a fundamental part of my essential coping and healing process – I sure couldn’t make it with Chen’s knowledge, care, guides, fully attention (whenever I needed her, she picked up the phone for me), listening, smiling, hugging – working through so many moments of fear coping with my diseases and healing process.

Chen demonstrated knowledge and professionalism and contributed to my critical physical strength. Due to Chen’s support, I changed my diet dramatically and as a result I significantly improved (even my doctors were surprised!) Today I feel much better and I can now call my self a breast cancer survivor! Chen, you are my guardian angel! – Z.S.

Chen Ben Asher was literally a life saver for my family! – SJ

I highly recommend Chen to anyone who wants to live a healthy life. I have been fighting my weight for several years. I tried all kinds of different ways to lose weight: the low calorie diet, intense workout etc. All of them failed. I would lose weight in the beginning and then gain it back very soon after. It became harder and harder to lose weight and my health became even worse. My energy level was low and I easily felt tired and defeated.

After I took Chen’s program, I began to eat more than before but I kept losing weight, which surprised me a lot. The weight loss was gradual and steady, my hair volume increased and I felt more energetic. Chen’s program is mainly to help your body become healthier and then weight loss comes as a result.  – Ting F.

Chen Ben Asher
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