Do You Know That Healthy Diets and Other Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a long-term autoimmune skin condition but with home remedies, and lifestyle changes, you could prevent psoriasis flares and reduce their severity. If you suffer from Psoriasis, you know the skin condition can cause serious discomfort and you’re not alone. The inflammatory disease, which is commonly characterized by scaly, raised patches on the skin, affects up to 7.5 million Americans. The most common of the five forms of the disorder, plaque psoriasis tends to develop on the scalp, knees, elbows, hands, and feet. (1) The best way to manage Psoriasis could vary from person to person, and understanding which methods work would only require you to CONTACT me to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation. I would recommend this steps to help you suppress psoriasis flares and reduce the severity of their symptoms:

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Protect Yourself in Cold, Dry Weather

Do you know that you can prevent psoriasis flare-ups on the hands by wearing gloves in cold, dry weather? Cold, dry weather can trigger psoriasis flare-ups, and these happens more frequently in the winter. Recent study has shown that psoriasis flares are more likely in wintry weather because cold, dark, and low-humidity conditions can cause the skin to thicken and become inflamed while sunnier climes might not have the same effect. In order to prevent winter flare-ups, I will recommend you wrap up warm to reduce the skin’s exposure to cold, dry weather. (2)

Always Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Do you know that keeping the skin moisturized is a vital psoriasis prevention measure? A dry skin can trigger psoriasis flares which can also make skin scaling more severe and cause the skin to crack and bleed. A recent research suggests that moisturizers containing mineral oils, such as liquid paraffin and petrolatum, may be particularly suitable for psoriasis management. You could also use natural home remedies to moisturize their skin. This could be coconut oil and aloe Vera gel, which both have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. (3)

Make Sure Your Scalp Is Always Moisturized

If you have psoriasis on their scalp, I will advice you keep the skin on this part of the body moisturized to prevent flares. Research also suggest that tar shampoos and salicylic acid can you manage scalp psoriasis. (4)

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Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms. They want to work with doctors and take short-term steps, like medication, to improve annoying symptoms but never deal with unhealthy routines and lifestyle choices that created the illness in the first place.

After years of seeing this happen with individuals like you, Chen Ben Asher opened a functional and integrative nutritional clinic that not only helps people improve their overall wellness and health, but also give them the tools and coaching to successfully continue their journey for the rest of their lives.​

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Make Use of Humidifier

If you suffer from psoriasis, you could keep your skin moist and reduce symptoms by using a home humidifier. This device could be very valuable during winter when the air inside the home is likely to be cold and dry. (5)

Get Constant Exposure to Sunlight

With the fact that Ultraviolet radiation has immunosuppressive effects, constant exposure to sunlight can help reduce symptoms of autoimmune conditions, such as psoriasis. I understand the value of Ultraviolet for managing symptoms of psoriasis that’s why I always recommend this for clients. You could CONTACT me right away to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation where we will discuss your unique symptoms and how we can get to the root cause of it. Researchers suggest that sun exposure can improve psoriasis symptoms due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects of exposure to sunlight. (6)

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Avoid Sunburn at All Cost

While you get constant exposure to sunlight, make sure you avoid spending extended periods in the sun is good for this skin condition. All you need is warmer, humid condition and sunlight that can improve psoriasis. Skin damage such as sunburn could cause psoriasis flares that’s why I recommend you wear sunscreen and limit the exposure of sunlight to the skin especially during the hottest part of the day. (7)

Consider Vitamin D Supplement

Research has shown that that vitamin D deficiency is common in people with psoriasis, particularly in winter. Make sure you maintain sufficient level of vitamin D to prevent psoriasis flare-ups. You could get vitamin D from natural sunlight, Vitamin D rich food (such as foods, such as salmon, milk, and fortified cereals) and vitamin D supplement. (8)

Avoid Skin Injuries

Do you know that skin injuries can trigger the development of psoriasis in areas of the body where people usually do not get them? Preventing skin injuries where possible could help prevent psoriasis flare-ups. (9) You could take precautions such as:

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Cut Down Stress

Do you know that stress is a potential for psoriasis? Research suggests that stressful events could trigger flare-ups in 68 percent of adults with the condition. You could take precautionary measures to prevent psoriasis flare-ups by:

Improve Your Diet

I will recommend you eat healthy fats such as nuts and seeds to improve your skin health. A recent research suggest that dietary interventions can reduce the severity of people’s psoriasis. Do you know that you can improve psoriasis symptoms by eating foods that reduce inflammation, such as salmon? (10) The particular foods that trigger flare-ups of psoriasis may vary from person to person but you could determine the food triggers once you CONTACT me to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation.


Psoriasis is a long-term autoimmune skin condition, the symptoms of which may come and go throughout your lifetime. There is scientifically no cure for this but you can prevent and manage psoriasis flares using certain remedies and lifestyle methods. You could start by avoiding cold, dry environments, moisturizing regularly, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Several other environmental and lifestyle factors may trigger psoriasis flare-ups that why you could CONTACT me to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation where we would dicuss your unique condition to understand potential triggers and taking steps to avoid or manage them.

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Would you like me to walk you through the process of eliminating gluten, swapping calorie-rich foods for low-calorie options, and choosing anti-inflammatory foods to improve the symptoms of psoriasis? Please CONTACT me to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation where I’ll walk you the process of winning your health back. I will start by identifying the key areas that need support and give the necessary support to show what needs to be done uniquely for you. Chen Ben Asher will give you her best care recommendations and and give recommendations based on what’s happening inside your body on a cellular level, in a bid to achieve optimum results. Be rest assured that no stone will be left unturned as we look for the root cause!

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Working With A Functional Nutritionist

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The process typically starts with a comprehensive initial evaluation that includes a review of your individual medical history as well as any necessary lab work such as food allergy testing. We also learn your current eating and lifestyle habits so we can optimize them and reduce any negative impact these choices might have on your health.

Once your needs and current nutritional support and lifestyle are understood, the process of nutritional consulting includes everything from food and cooking recommendations to education on why certain foods and nutrients are helpful or harmful. We also discuss functional and targeted supplementation where needed.

We take a practical approach to our work. It does not help you to give you recommendations that don’t work for you or aren’t realistic with your schedule and obligations.

We offer a coaching component to make sure you have all the emotional support and encouragement you need to believe in and make the choices that will promote health and healing within your body.

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