Balance Vitamin A-Liquid

Balance Vitamin A-Liquid


Balance vitamin A liquid supplement is an essential nutrient involved in a number of physiological functions and roles, including immune mechanisms, vision, and cell growth and development. Vitamin A is also an important nutrient for the gastrointestinal barrier. Balance vitamin A liquid supplement provides high-potency antioxidant vitamin A benefits (100% DV per serving) and is delivered in an oil solution for optimum utilization. This product may also be ideal for vegetarians and those on diets with a low-fat content, since vitamin A liquid supplement is a fat-soluble vitamin.

How our vitamin a liquid supplement benefits the body:

  • Offers GastroIntestinal Support
  • Intended to support the immune system and certain immune pathways
  • Includes 5000 IU (100% DV) of vitamin A per serving
  • May be ideal for vegetarians and those on diet with a low-fat content

How our Balance Vitamin A Liquid Supplement works

Vitamin A is a group of dietary fat-soluble essential nutrients in different biochemical
forms. Retinyl forms of vitamin A liquid supplement is converted to retinol and released into the
lymphatic system and then circulate in the bloodstream. Most of this compound is
stored in the liver cells, where it can be secreted into the circulation as necessary.

Vitamin A Benefits

This action of the liver allows balanced bioavailability of this nutrient when dietary
intake causes Vitamin A deficiency. Whether it originates from absorption or is released from the liver, vitamin A liquid supplement can also be stored in the muscles, the heart, and bone marrow. Vitamin A benefits the body by maintaining cellular and systemic function at optimal function.


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