The Secret Of Mr. Pickles

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The Secret Of Mr. Pickles


The Ancient knowledge About Eating Better

The Secret Of Mr. Pickles is an amazing and one-of-its-kind book that uses a unique and fun approach to teach children basic concepts that most parents are struggling with- how to teach children to follow a healthy diet, involving fruits and vegetables.

If you're worried about teaching your child or ward how to live a more balanced life and become happier by eating right, then you'll want to get this book!

The intelligent way to teach children what you want them to know and make use of for life is through stories and games!

Because, every child loves stories, especially those involving pets like puppies and understand better any message pass across in a story form like.

What is most important is that through this book, your child will be able to learn and develop healthy eating habits in a fun and very entertaining way.

The author, Chen Ben Asher, wraps the entire message of this book in form of a game that sustains the interest of the young minds, introducing a simple method that helps to increase your child's daily intake of fruits and vegetables thereby improving their general well-being.

What you should know is that this book comes with a table that helps keep track of different types of fruits and vegetables that your child eats and when you use the method presented in the book through the game concept regularly, you'll be able to encourage your child to form a healthy eating habits.

Show your child how much you care by getting a copy of this book and help develop a healthy eating habit that will serve for life!


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