Food Sensitivity Delayed

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Food Sensitivity Delayed


Responses occur with 72 hours of exposure

How does it work?

Click the button below to order your Functional IgG Food Sensitivity (Delayed) Candida through the our secure Paypal shopping cart.

Once payment is received, we will ship your kit(s) via USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours. You will also receive an email with a Health History form and waiver.

Test results are mailed to Board Certified Nutritionist, Chen Ben Asher in’s office 12-15 days after you submit your kit to the lab. Upon receiving your results, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

During your appointment, Chen Ben Asher will interpret and explain your test results in a way that you can understand!

Each lab kit comes with a requisition form, on which you may provide your contact information.

Kit also comes with a pre-paid FedEx mailer (U.S. only).

Western Diet Allergy Test

IgG (immunoglobulin G) testing is a useful test for individuals who struggle with food delayed reaction to specific food. The test panel includes 93 different Foods that are typically eaten in western diet including: GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGGS & SOY.

As well as Candida Allbicans Test. Candida problems are caused when the benign yeast form of Candida albicans mutates to its fungal form. Candida can take over sections of the intestinal wall causing numerous symptoms. As it grows out of balance it produces toxins that create holes in the intestinal lining, leading to leaky gut syndrome. After entering the blood, Candida albicanscauses an inflammatory immune system response. A wide range of disorders have been linked to Candida including autism, multiple sclerosis, depression, and chronic fatigue. Use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy, and anti-inflammatory steroids greatly increase susceptibility to Candida.

Why to test Candida?

Food Elimination and Supplements will not improve your symptoms if Candida Albicans (a microscopic pathogenic & fungal organism) are found. Identifying Candida sensitivity is a MUST in order to improve your GUT – Brain function.

Please Note: Food Elimination and Supplements will NOT improve your symptoms if Candida Albicans (a microscopic pathogenic & fungal organism) are found. Identifying Candida sensitivity is a MUST to improve your GUT – BRAIN function.

Asian Food Allergy Test

We also offer the for individuals who consume foods common to the Asian diet, especially those in China, Japan, and Korea. Analytes include mango, sunflower seeds, miso (soybean paste), and green tea.  Some of the vegetables in our general IgG Food Allergy Test have been replaced by more common Asian vegetables, such as the Shiitake mushroom, and a new food category, “spices,” has been included. The new panel also analyzes twice as many seafood items than our general test, ranging from oysters and clams to Pacific saury. The IgG Asian Food Allergy Test is a good health indicator for people who commonly eat Asian cuisine and gives a comprehensive analysis of immunological reactions to foods found in this diet.

Candida Sensitivity is including in the Asian food allergy test.

If found positive on any of the food, it will trigger your immune system, create inflammation, chronic infection and gut challenges.

Who Should Be Tested

Individuals with neurological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune disease like: Lupus, Diabetes, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid, Multiple Sclerosis and more) as well as movement disorders often suffer from IgG food allergies. These people may continue to eat offending foods unaware of their potential effects. As immunological reactions, IgE food allergy causes the release of histamine, producing an immediate hypersensitivity reaction, in which symptoms appear within minutes or hours. In contrast, food sensitivity is a non-IgE allergy characterized by the measurement of IgG antibodies specific to antigenic food proteins. This IgG food allergy is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction in which symptoms appear anywhere from hours to days after eating the offending food. The 93 foods tested in the IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida can identify problem food so it can be eliminated from the individual’s diet. Elimination of IgG positive foods can improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), Leaky Gut, SIBO, autism, AD(H)D, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer, MS, cancer and epilepsy per numerous of clinical studies.

The Benefits Of Testing

  • Helps determine if food reactions are contributing to physical or mental symptoms
  • Removal of highly reactive foods from the diet is a non-invasive, food-based therapy that often mitigates a client’s symptoms
  • Research and clinical studies suggest food allergies identified by IgG testing can be a major contributing factor in many chronic health conditions
  • Food rotation and elimination diets can reduce stress on the immune system, lower gut inflammation, resolve food cravings, and reduce the potential for eating disorders

Specimen Requirements

The IgG Food Allergy Test is available as a Dried Blood Spot.

  • Dried Blood Spot (DBS): Five full circles of dried blood on the protein saver card is required.
  • IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida (94)

Please note: that the elimination of a food prior to sampling will reduce the ability for the lab to detect antibodies (allergies) to that food


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