Best Foods to Eat After Surgery

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Best Foods to Eat After Surgery


Over 20 Delicious Easy to make Recipes to Enjoy, to Heal & Strength Your Immune System In the Days, Weeks, & Months after Surgery.

If you've just had surgery or you're about to, this book is going to keep you well-informed about breakthrough recipes that you can easily and quickly prepare to help you faster on your way to recovery and healing.

It's a fact that surgery takes a huge demand on the body and complete healing following the surgery is very important.

However, many people have no idea what foods and drinks are essentials for the body's healing and rebuilding process post-surgery.

What foods are most reliable to support your health following a surgery?

In Best Foods To Eat After Surgery, Chen Ben Asher provides an overview of the traumatic conditions the body passes through during and after surgery and breaks down the types of foods and drinks that can help speed up a healthy recovery.

This book is fluffy-free and goes straight to the point about how readers can easily prepare any of the 20+ delicious and amazing recipes that help to heal, and boost the immune system for speedy healing following surgery.

Inside the book, you'll discover...

• What you need to ingest for the first day or two after your surgery;
• What you need to pay attention for the first two weeks following surgery;
• Why you need to pay attention to what eat and drink after you've had surgery,
• What foods and drinks you include in your diet as well as those ones to avoid;
• The best 20+ post-surgery recipes and how to prepare them;
• A suggested list of recipes that were designed for the post-surgery healing process.
• What herbal teas are great for repairing flesh and cartilage;
• And so much more.

The Best Foods To Eat After Surgery takes the readers by the hand and reveals the simple steps to follow to prepare unique recipes that support the recovery and healing process after surgery:

• Healing herb teas;
• Protein shakes and what to look out for;
• Tasty and Delicious Soups;
• Soft Super Foods

Chen, a Board Certified In Holistic Nutrition, has really taken the guess and stress out of preparing any of these delicious post-surgery delicacies with a clear and concise direction and steps to follow.

When you follow the suggested recipes in this book, you'll notice a huge improvement in the way your body recover and heal post-surgery.


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