Balance-Mineral Foundation

Balance-Mineral Foundation


This mineral supplement provides an ideal balance of highly-absorbed minerals combined with the benefits of betaine HCl that prime digestion and improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This product offers mineral amino acid chelates in optimal ratios to help the body maintain mineral balance and increase vitamin absorption.

How Balance Mineral Foundation Benefits the Body:

  • Provides broad-spectrum mineral support for a variety of protocols
  • Supports any bone building protocol
  • Increases skeletal strength and promotes healthy bone density

The Lack Of Mineral Absorption In The Average Diet

Many studies have reported that adequate mineral and vitamin absorption levels play an essential role in maintaining optimal health by supporting bone, muscle, and cardiovascular health. However, many individuals fail to consume a variety of minerals through their daily diets and struggle to maintain a mineral balance. A high-quality mineral supplement may provide benefit for those struggling with vitamin absorption and wish to meet their recommended daily requirements of essential minerals that may be lacking from their diets.

The Importance of Bone Density Support

Bone is a growing tissue made mostly of the protein collagen and the mineral calcium. Combined, these two compounds create bone which is durable and flexible enough to support and protect our bodies. If bones are not provided with the proper nutrients to grow and flourish, there can be health complications.  People who do not provide their bones with the appropriate bone density support may develop osteoporosis which is a condition that causes bones to get thin, weak and makes bones more likely to break. If bone density support is maintained and the bones are stronger and denser, they are less likely to break in a fall. If you struggle with mineral and vitamin absorption and lack the proper vitamins that support your skeletal system, your mineral count can be negatively affected and increase your chances of breaking a bone in a fall.


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