Balance-Buffered C

Balance-Buffered C


This Vitamin C supplement is a water-soluble vitamin most widely known for its role in supporting immune health. It provides potent antioxidant protection and helps combat cellular damage from free radicals caused by oxidative stress, and works to protect overall health. Vitamin C benefits the function of immune cells and is a critical nutrient in the synthesis of collagen. Buffered C Capsules are balanced with calcium, magnesium, and potassium to gently deliver high-concentration Vitamin C and reduce the potential of gastrointestinal upset.

How Balance Buffered C Benefits the Body:

  • High-concentration Vitamin C supplement formula
  • Boosts immune system function and antioxidant reserves
  • Promotes a balanced cycle of inflammation
  • Promotes collagen formation to maintain healthy ligaments, tendons, and joints

What Are Vitamin C Benefits?

Vitamin C’s role in immune enhancement has been strongly evidenced in supplement research as a potent antioxidant, acting to neutralize free radical damage to cells, including DNA, lipids, and proteins. As a free radical neutralizing agent, Vitamin C readily donates electrons to unstable molecules and breaks the chain of free radical damage to cells and tissues. The benefits of Vitamin C can also impact the synthesis of collagen, carnitine, and neurotransmitters. This vitamin is considered essential to humans, and while most mammals can synthesize Vitamin C, humans cannot. As a result, exposure to smoke, pollution, radiation, and high-stress lifestyles all increase the body’s requirement for Vitamin C and overexposure might strip the nutritional benefits of the vitamin and require the assistance of a Vitamin C supplement.

What Are The Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency?

Most people ingest Vitamin C through fruits and vegetables. However, while the access and benefits of Vitamin C are vast, those who have a Vitamin C and deficiency can experience a full gambit of negative symptoms. Unfortunately, symptoms of a Vitamin C deficiency are not readily recognizable since they develop over time. These symptoms are, but not limited to fatigue, bleeding gums, immune deficiencies, poor mood, unexplained weight gain, joint soreness, and inflammation. People who smoke, abuse alcohol, have limited food variety, nutrient absorption issues or chronic diseases may all experience the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency at one point or another.


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