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We can help you to translate your raw date file and provide you with effective clinical decision that will impact your nutritional status, detoxification pathways, immune system, vitamin and mineral conversation on the cellular levels, weight, cognitive and memory SNPs. If you have done the genetic testing of 23andme take this opportunity to TRANSLATE and TARGET your single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) that are clinically relevant to your health.



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We Take Your Data From Your 23andme account or from a file that you upload

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Interpreting Your Nutritional Needs Based On Your Personalized Genetic Variations

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  • Genetic variations contribute to the inter-individual differences in nutritional needs and responses to dietary factors. Knowing your genetic make-up can improve the efficacy of nutritional recommendations and relat decision on a personalized basis.

    Mor’s Nutrition & More is offering the interpretation and biological responses base on your genetic variants. This cutting edge, science base nutritional interpretation, will support your body’s nutritional need and carry you to optimal health.

    The genetic markers known as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs), are genetic variants involving the replacements of a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide, with another. Millions of SNPs occur throughout a person’s genome. However, only a small number are informative in clinical practice. This report only includes SNPs that are well-researched, clinically relevant, and nutritionally responsive.

    SNPs are simply markers of genetic pre-disposition.

    Nutrition (diet), Environment Factors, Genetic & Epigenetic (nongenetic influences on gene expression) factors often modify the influence of SNPs on a person’s physiology.

    A positive result DOES NOT NECESSARILLY mean that an action needs to be taken. Additional testing or other clinical findings need to be consider determining whether any or all of the nutritional modifications and/or supplements recommendations are appropriate for your health.

    Genetic data alone CANNOT determine nutrient dosages requirements or ideal duration of use. Always consult with your physician or with Chen Ben Asher for any further concerns


What Is Genotype?

Genotype refers to how many copies, if any, contain the variation. Every person has two copies of each gene.

If only one copy is affected, the genotype is heterozygous (+/-)

If both copies are affected, the genotype is homozygous (+/+)

If neither copy has variation, genotype is called “wild-type” (-/-)

Usually, a wild-type results is considered typical and does not have clinical or nutritional implications

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