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To make it a positive and efficient experience, I would like to share with you the following information. I practice a holistic system-oriented approach to address the underlying causes of your body symptoms.
On our first session, I will assess patterns of imbalances, review medical history, medications and supplements (taken prior to the proposed nutritional plan). We will discuss your goals and your past experiences. The collected data will support me to design your personalized nutritional protocols to achieve better health.

Once your personalized nutritional plan is established, we will move into the ongoing weekly or bi-weekly follow-up nutritional sessions for the program duration proposed. On these follow-ups, we will assess progress, adjust nutritional needs, monitor and modified supplement and food and support your needs.

“I am sure, I can help you the way I have helped so many individuals all over the nation and around the world with the BALANCED DIET to achieve better health while improving your way of eating.”


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"I could not lose weight for so many years. I thought I was premenstrual and not balanced hormonally. My ability to digest food declined and I was miserable. I found out I have candida and food sensitivity to white eggs and dairy. It took me 7-10 months to get rid of the candida and nutrient deficiencies and I lost 13 pounds. Chen is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable with functional nutrition (which is SO different from anything I knew before)."
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