A Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis

Your Journey to Better Health & Balance Starts with YOU!

The key to long term health is analyzing your blood tests and changing your nutrition!

How It Works

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Whether you pick a test from your doctor or me, picking the right test is key for unlocking your health.

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Fill out a detailed personal profile about your lifestyle, nutrition, family history, genetics, and more. Then, tell us what your goals are and what you’ve tried in the past.

Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations

We’ll dive deep into your test and recommend specific lifestyle changes to improve your health.


Your Personalized Nutritional Program (PNP) will show you how to make changes today and see progress tomorrow.

Track and Adjust Your Progress

As your body changes, your customized plan will teach you how to track them. The more data you gather, the better your plan will be, and the healthier you’ll feel every day.

Your Guide to a Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Realistic, and Time-Dependent Nutritional Program

This service exists for one purpose ONLY:

To analyze and enlighten  your blood test results so you can FINALLY discover the root cause behind your health challenges!

Getting a blood test is an incredible way to study your body, discover underlying issues, and unlock the solutions to better health.

There’s only one problem…

People trust blood tests and the medical community to help them improve their health


Unfortunately, men and women sit at home with blood tests they don’t understand!

Don’t leave your immune system, gut, sleep, brain, mood, metabolism, and hormones to guessing. To live a better life on the outside, you need to strengthen your body from the inside.

So, unless you’re a doctor or have a nurse friend, or google it, you might as well read a book in Latin.

Unfortunately, this spells disaster quickly.


These tests were designed to be ultra-detailed for professionals who know what to look for.

Unfortunately, that leaves most of us lost, frustrated, and in the dark about our health.

When blood tests are read properly, they can save years of health struggles and prevent debilitating diseases.

Blood is such a powerful, dynamic substance that’s influenced by your nutrition. In fact, it holds the information necessary to save your life…but ONLY if you know what to look for. Otherwise, it might be too late.

The Proof Is In The DATA

A Specific Report to Shine on Your BioMarkers Results
Create Better Health....

Normal Vs Optimal Results

“Your Blood Work Looks Normal and In Range”

How many times have you heard it?

Your blood tests results are more than just a snapshot of whether you’re “in range” or “normal.” They reveal tendencies of your biological pathways, which can be adjusted and improved with the right choices.

Diseases develop through many days, months, and years.

This means that, if you read your tests correctly, you can catch a disease in its early stages and PREVENT it. That’s why you always want to be in the “optimal” range, not just “within range.”

Normal for your sex, weight, height, ethnicity, race, family history, eye color, social security number, SAT score?

Our analysis goes far beyond info you can find on your own. The more information you have, the faster you can improve your health for good. Take action before it’s too late.

Get Started on the Path to Wellness & Health

What You’ll Do:

Get Tested

Whether at a lab or at home, getting your blood test is the FIRST step toward feeling your best. You can use one from a doctor or request one from me—your choice!

Tell Me Your Story

Fill me in on your family history, genetics, hormone issues, allergies, everything. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Wait for the Results

The hardest part!

What You’ll Get:

Comprehensive Blood Report

The report can be between 20 to 30 pages long. This is how deep my analysis is. You’ll get a copy for your records.

One Hour 1-on-1 Analysis Session

We’ll spend up to an hour dissecting your test. You’ll leave the meeting confident about what’s going on.

S.M.A.R.T. Plan

We’ll use your test results to create a personalized and customized nutrition plan, based on the S.M.A.R.T. principles. No more guessing!

A Nutritional Framework Designed To Help You To Create Stable Health for Years To Come!

Support Your Body Naturally and Stay Healthy for a Lifetime

So, If you’re ready to feel your best, explore more and book your analysis below.

Your journey to better health and balance starts with YOU!