Normal Bacterial Flora

Commensal Bacteria in bacterial flora: an anonymous organ of too many faces

Have you ever listened to this rhythmic mumble within your belly? Such a harmony of sounds appears to be a thrilling rumor that your organs share with each other. They are wondering of a silent partner, which is contributing to their day by day routine. Could it be some anonymous organ that contemporary science can’t discover yet? Partially, it’s so, if we accept its complex nature of too many faces that this organ exhibits to the outerview. Still alternating between the options? Well, let’s put a clue. This organ name is the Bacterial Flora.

Human Bacterial Flora consists from a trillion of microorganisms differentiating by the beneficial and harmful effect they bring to the body. All these bacteria perform certain functions, and it is not possible to accomplish almost every process in the human without their participation. And if you are a straight follower of tangible correlation between the big and small sizes with their potential capabilities, then here is the proportion: the full amount of bacteria within the body and on its surface in total size may be larger than your liver or lung.

So, is your Bacterial Flora a forgotten organ? Seems rather yes than no, if we take its granulated on small pieces nature that’s resulting in a large amount at overall yield. But one is for sure; it has functions, it puts impact and bacteria are really crowdy. Just to sort values, by really, it means that the bacteria cells outnumber human cells in a ratio 10 to 1. The bacteria cells remain invisible because they are much smaller compared to human cells. Yet, bacteria make up 1 to 2 percent of the total body weight, at the same time, they account for nearly a half of our digestive waste products.

If you want to deal with all this variety of Bacterial world, it could appear as a quite difficult task. How to distinguish between the beneficial bacteria and their harmful pathogens, how to prevent the escalation of bacterial colonies to alarming proportions, how to keep the right bacterial balance? It is not possible to avoid all of these questions if you want to stay healthy. Chen Ben Asher Wellness Clinic provides you a broad range of tests for determining bacterial makeup divided into main categories: Bacterial Pathogens, H. pylori, Normal Bacterial Flora, Opportunistic Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi/Yeast. From this list, Normal Bacterial Flora plays a vital role in the life of the organism and needs a careful supervision to maintain all the conditions necessary for its successful existence.

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How bacteria make an effort for your own good?

To start distinguishing between bacteria types, it is necessary to define the most accurate terms. If we decided to highlight the Normal Bacterial Flora, let’s use the right name – Commensal Bacteria. First of all, these Commensal Bacteria are friendly supporters of the most host body processes. Here are some of these functions that could not be done without the active participation of your Commensal Bacteria.

  • Nutrient metabolism – by co-existing with a host body, the Commensal Bacteria extract beneficial nutrients and energy from our diet
  • Xenobiotic and drug metabolism – generally assumed that this function is assigned exclusively to the liver as the main filter of the body, but studies show that the Commensal Bacteria are contributing to digestion of such substances, thus offloading the liver
  • Antimicrobial protection – Commensal Bacteria provides gut barrier function to protect your body from harmful effects of microbial activity by forming an additional protective layer in the intestine, in such a way, regulating a potential overgrowth of bacterial pathogens
  • Immunomodulation – Commensal Bacteria is an active member of immune tandem together with an innate and adaptive system. Mutually, they are straightening the host body to resist the external negative influence on health

How to identify, preserve and enhance the Normal Bacteria Flora?

Even the brightest prospects on the Normal Bacterial Flora capacity to maintain its merely beneficial composition by itself, still can not find enough evidence to confirm such phenomenon. That is why the most proven way to keep a healthy combination of your bacterial flora could be found in the lab tests with following nutritional approach and supplements to preserve and enhance the Normal Bacteria Flora. Chen Ben Asher Wellness Clinic offers the most relevant tests to show you what type of bacteria prevail in your body. After identifying your bacterial flora, a certified nutritional specialist will give a professional advice about all the necessary steps to upgrade your bacterial consistency towards beneficial outcome for your health. Such tests include DNA Analysis, Stool Analysis, Food Sensitivity Delayed Test and Organic Acid Test.

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Probably and quite likely, the Bacterial Flora does not aim for too much recognition and publicity, if it’s so carefully hidden inside and throughout the body. You can forget about your Bacterial Flora, or do not even recognize it as the legitimate organ, but for how long? Until the moment of urgent need or zero points of no returning? Seriously, anyone still does that? Denial of bacteria is not even an option. Admit it, treat it properly and start cultivating your health seed-by-seed, bacteria-by-bacteria.


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