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Everyone knows that the right diet and routine exercise are the pinnacles of being healthy, vibrant, and well. But what does the “right diet” really mean? As a board-certified nutritionist, I’ve spent the majority of my life increasing my awareness and wisdom about the human body’s relationship with food, and how that relationship supports or inhibits overall health and wellness. 

What I’ve learned is that there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all diet that works.

Your body is unique, and your family medical history, personal medical history, eating habits, and lifestyle choices form an integrated web that can either tangle you up or work with you to facilitate health and wellbeing. Together, we’ll work toward the latter goal. 

My name is Chen Ben Asher, and I look forward to helping you embrace a whole new approach to food – one that is expansive and delicious, rather than limiting and uninspiring. Are you ready to chart an original and sustainable path towards weight-management, good health, and the elimination of fatigue, aches and pains or chronic stomach upset? 

Contact me here at Mor’s Nutrition & More to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. That’s all you need to take the first step and establish if I am the right fit for you. I’m here to help you lose weight and gain health, as well as create a customized nutrition plan to address existing health issues.

Gut Health

Finally! A Scientific and Personalized Approach to Nutrition

Did you know that your gut health is a foundation for holistic health? If your g.i. tract is compromised in any way, it limits your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. You might adhere to the healthiest diet in the world – but remain overweight or continuously bloated, lethargic or simply “not yourself” – because your body isn’t able to absorb the vital nutrients it needs.

With my scientific and engaged, one-on-one approach to your health, we’ll assess your gut health and then use a series of screenings, tests, and Q&A’s to figure out precisely what you need to get back on track.

When you meet with me, we’ll see which of the following assessments is needed to establish your nutritional baseline:

  • Personal and Family Medical History
  • Telomere Testing
  • Basic Blood Panel
  • Hormone Levels

Personal and family medical history

I’m going to ask you all sorts of questions and may ask to see your medical charts and history. Since many health conditions are hereditary – coming down by way your DNA  I’ll also want to find out all I can about your immediate family medical history to paint a big-picture view of what your body may need – and not need – to feel its best. 

Telomere testing

Part of the genetic nutrition interpretation listed above includes telomere testing. Telomeres are segments of DNA that protect chromosomes when cells divide. Research shows that the shorter they are, the more “aged” we are and the more prone we are to age-related disease. The longer the telomeres, the more young, healthy, and vibrant we are and the longer we live. The good news is that correcting nutritional deficiencies through diet and lifestyle can lengthen telomeres again over time.

Basic blood panel

A basic blood panel will give me an idea of how your general physiology is doing at this moment in time – identifying some immediate issues such as anemia, inflammation, infection, dehydration, organ dysfunction, hormone imbalance, etc.

Hormone levels

There are some phenotypic as well as symptomatic indications for hormone imbalance, which can do a number on your energy levels, moods, fertility, and sex drive. Hormone imbalance is also a precursor for health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease – as well as obesity or being chronically overweight.

Hair analysis

Your hair provides a map of sorts of how your diet, lifestyle, and environment impact your body. We can micro-analyze hair samples to determine how these factors have helped – or hurt – your health, and then make nutritional and lifestyle corrections accordingly.

Once the results of these tests, screenings, and analysis are in, we’ll have a scientifically formatted “baseline,” from which we can develop your personalized nutrition program.

Integrative Nutrition SUPPORTS Common Health Issues & Diseases

Working with clients over the past decade has shown me over and over again how personalized nutrition plans naturally and effectively eliminate or gently support some of the most common health issues and diseases, including:

Whenever possible, I use an integrative nutritional approach – working with your other physicians, clinicians, and healthcare providers. That way, we’re all on the same page, working with the same information, towards united goals. I know the body is a holistic system, and I believe your healthcare and nutritional systems should be too!

San Jose Nutritionist Dietitian

Embark On a Sustainable Journey Toward a Healthier You!

Are you ready to take the first step in an actualized, sustainable journey toward a healthier You? Contact me, Chen Ben Asher at Mor’s Nutrition & More, and let’s get started. +1 – 408- 966-4972. I work as a professional nutritionist in Mountain View and the surrounding Bay Area. I’m happy to provide current references, and I invite you to read my Reviews page where you can read honest testimonials from satisfied clients.