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If you are fed up and tired from the “disease management” approach, searching for a better health care solution and aiming to WIN back your HEALTH, you may found the right nutritional clinic you looked for. We specialized in supporting people to get Balanced, using a holistic system-oriented approach, addressing the underlying causes of your body symptoms. Come and check out an event.

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Chen Ben Asher is an educator and Amazon Best-selling author of the book “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough” and also authored another book: Candida Albicans – Step by Step to Defeat Candida Overgrowth Nutritionally. Her nutrition website/blog and consulting programs are found at It also serves as a tool for people to use in their daily pursuit to becoming happier and healthier.

Chen has been able to, through her holistic functional nutrition clinic, offer high impact personalized services and designed health programs which include “Gain Health Lose Weight”, “Weight Loss Digestion”, “Weight Loss Hormones”, “Weight Loss Sleep”, “Genetic Nutritional Interpretation”, “Integrative Nutritional Support For Cancer” and “Red and Far-Infrared Light Support”

She is a member of Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP) focusing on The First Line Therapy Programs (FLT), and Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA).

Professional affiliations include The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), The Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB).

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  • The importance and healthy benefits of eating whole, healthy and organic foods and much healing they do to the body.
  • What it takes to gain safe and successful weight loss;
  • What Gluten Free is all about, how gluten sensitivity is different from gluten allergy as well as what the symptoms are
  • Everything about food sensitivity and how to make better choices when it comes to foods;
  • Learning about the right foods for optimal brain health and performance.
  • How nutrition can help reduce the painful effects of Arthritis;
  • How nutrition can be used to balance thyroid glands, eliminating a life-time dependence on drugs.
  • Understanding of Fats & Oils and how important they are to the body system;
  • The relationship between metabolic syndrome and the immune system and how nutrition can help to improve the immune system;
  • How to combat chronic fatigue or exhaustion;
  • Gaining practical understanding of weight gain and nutrition during pre and post menopause;
  • How healthy eating can help prevent cancer;

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Herbs & Spices

Natural remedies that will help your family thrive throughout the winter

Herbs & Spices

Boosting children’s immune system without the need for medication


sprouts and their nutritious benefits when added as raw food into the diet

Learn about

the healing power of mushrooms and how they help boost the immune system

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Chen has been featured on numerous nutritional awareness speaking events and engagements including the following:

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