Microbes and Diseases: Obesity Caused by Bacteria – is that Real?

Previously you could read about if microbes are to blame for malnutrition. This time, it is worth looking at something that many women find problematic. In my practice, I have seen many cases where a woman complains about their weight gain and not always it is just about their unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. The discoveries show that different bacteria have more impact on the body also in this regard than you think. So – obesity caused by bacteria – is that real?

The fact is that there’s a difference between healthy and obese people’s gut microbes (or bacteria). Also, when a person experiences weight loss, it means that their microbiota also changes.

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Possible obesity links:

  • Genes (passed from a parent to a child)
  • Unhealthy diet (e.g., fat, sugar, and simple carbs kill the “healthy” gut microbes and promotes growth of “unhealthy” ones
  • Environmental impact (e.g., exposure to toxins, etc.)
  • Personal habits (stress, active lifestyle, sleep problems, etc.)

Microbes can change the way the body extracts the energy from food and how to store fat. The most typical studies are with extracting bacteria from overweight mice to a healthy weight. Over a period the thin ones started to gain weight. Also, “the microbes were disrupted when the mice had an abnormal eating schedule and changes in their exposure to light and dark.”[1] The good news is that it is possible to change the microbiome. Gut bacteria obesity probiotics are one of the ways that might reduce or even prevent obesity. Transferring microbes from one person to another to fix obesity caused by bacteria still needs further research to use for humans.

How to change gut flora?

  • There are good gut bacteria foods like buttermilk, kefir, cheese, yogurt (if a person is not sensitive/allergic to them), carrots, green beans, fermented soybeans, fermented pickles, etc.
  • Gut bacteria supplement that helps to produce energy, maintain gut balance, etc. that is important to fight obesity like Balance-Mineral Foundation
  • More complex gut bacteria obesity treatment addressing various health aspects that lead to problems with gut bacteria (hormones, malnutrition, etc.)

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How to change gut flora requires professional help from a nutrition specialist, etc. Me, Chen Ben Asher, Board, as a certified nutrition specialist, would like to warn not to use skinny bacteria supplements as well as obesity gut bacteria diet or anything else before consulting a specialist. Gut bacteria obesity treatment takes time and devotion from everyone involved. As you could read in various health lessons (including seven health lessons here), microbes really can be not only good but also problematic.


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