Integrative Nutritional Support for Mental Health

Balanced Body – Balanced BRAIN

Welcome, if you are looking to learn life changing tools, resources, and methods to enhance overall health & wellbeing, you have come to the right place.

Mor’s Nutrition and More is a functional and holistic clinic, providing a nutritional approach in supporting mental health issues. Our modern, stressful and openness to discuss mental illness, brings so many more opportunities and new methods to support brain health function with less burden on our metabolic body’s stress.

Together, we can uncover and resolve what the real underlying challenges are that may cause your depression, anxiety, OCD, burnout, panic attacks, autism, ADHD, ADD, bipolar, PANDAS etc.

Let’s admit, we all agree that the food choices, can either support our health or make us sick.

So why wouldn’t we take the right measurements to eat better foods reducing the risks to be sick?

Diabetes is a prime example of this.

Let’s take the stigma off mental health. Your brain is like any other organ in your body that calls for the utmost attention. The countless research articles have proven that nutritional deficiencies lead to chronic inflammation and mental health disorders. Individuals have better outcomes when these causes are addressed and supported through a combination of specialized testing and nutritional therapies, along with traditional approaches.

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In our personalized and individual program, we will support you nutritionally to nourish healthy brain pathways. We are offering science based nutritional adjustments to improve your overall health and wellness in conjunction with current treatment.

A holistic and comprehensive analysis is performed in order to design the best nutritional program that fits your needs. That includes cutting edge tests that will map your nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivity/allergies, infections, toxicities and genetic disorders.

WE get right to the source of the problem. No time is wasted.

In addition to a full, targeted, nutritional program, herbs, botanical, and nutritional supplements are added to synergize and soothe the nervous system and improve your symptoms to promote long term mental health.

We are part of your existing care team

If necessary, we will collaborate with your existing provider to support current therapy, to ensure continuum of care. Mor’s Nutrition & More wellness offers a range of options that can fits your need to improve health.

Individualized Metabolic Testing

Nutritional Therapies

Dietary interventions

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WIN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH by looking at the ROOT CAUSES of YOUR symptoms and illness.

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