Juicing Is Not The Best Option


A lot of people have a perception that juices can have such a strong influence on diet.

Just taking healthy drinks (juicing) cannot help to lose weight efficiently. There are a lot more things that need to be done to achieve a good result.

On the internet, there are numerous recipes for juicing diet. One of the most popular is a green smoothie for cleaning up the diet. It includes spinach, Swiss chard, spinach, and arugula. They all are full of oxalates. Later to the bases of the smoothie can be added to different berries or almonds, which also contain a lot of oxalates. Based on the results from clients who had kidney stones, in their urine was also found a high amount of oxalates. Mainly they choose to eat spinach salads as they were thinking of turning towards a healthy diet.

Already 75 years ago, a food scientist of Campbell Soup Company confirmed that in foods like “spinach, Swiss Chard, New Zealand spinach, beet tops, lamb’s quarter, poke, purslane, and rhubarb” is a high amount of oxalate. Further research on rats leads to the conclusion that these foods also caused pliable bones and fragile teeth.

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Did you know that oxalic acid commercially is used to remove rust from radiators of a car? Antifreeze or ethylene glycol is converted into oxalate and is toxic. There are at least two main diseases from a high amount of oxalates in urine, which is hyperoxaluria with type I and II. The daily intake amount for an adult is 80-120 mg or 44-1000 mg for Western diet supporters. One green smoothie with 2 cups of spinach leaves makes 15 grams of oxalates. It is at least 150 more than the daily intake.

Did you also know that most of the kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate? They can range up to the size of a golf ball. Oxalic acid gets into the bloodstream that is filtered by kidneys. Together with other metals like mercury and lead, they form crystals. These crystals are these kidney stones, which can block urination, damaged kidneys as well as cause severe pain. Oxalate crystals can develop even in joints, bones, skin, blood vessels, lungs, thyroid gland, and brain. In bones, it can cause “anemia and immunosuppression”.1 Additionally; there can also be autism, fibromyalgia, kidney disease.

More recent studies from GA. Fishbein[1], RI, Levin[2], g. Di Pasquale, M. Ribani M, A. Andreoli, G. Angelo Zampa, and G. Pinelli.[3] have also shown a high influence of oxalates to develop stroke, endothelial cell dysfunction, and stroke. The scientists noticed high oxalate amounts in aortas and coronary arteries. They had oxalate deposits, not in kidneys but other organs like the thyroid gland and testes.

It isn’t easy to determine oxalates in arteries; thus, it indicates that the cause of atherosclerosis might be more common than known before. Due to the physical structure of the stones formed from oxalate crystals, they can also cause damage to tissues itself. Additionally, as states AJ. Ghio[4], they also diminish iron stores that need red blood cells. As a treatment suggested by scientists such as F. Ziolkowski[5], DD. Perrin, JR. Burns, and JG. Cargill[6] is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) taken intravenously.

Additional harm can give especially cheap juices. Nutritionist K. Willams draws attention to those juices which have a long expiry date. They release glucose into the bloodstream rapidly. This can cause an insulin spike, encouraging fat storage.”[7] She also states that even drinking orange juice can be poisonous – 1 liter of it is similar to drinking sugared water. Some people also might think that juices can be a replacement for eating. Juices don’t provide equal protein, fiber, and fats for the long-term. Living only on them can cause a calorie deficit. It could be good for diet for a few days but not in the long term.

For long-term diet, there should be additional fatty acid supplements, multivitamin or mineral supplements, protein shake, and other food as well as activities. Not only nutrition and eating low-calorie food is important, but also that everything can help to support the immune system. Additionally, real fruits and vegetables have a better impact than juices. Also, juices cannot be made from everything. If you choose to make juice from non-organic vegetables, it will provide to the body pesticides, and it surely won’t be detoxifying.

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Juicing definitely is NOT the best way of losing weight. It can lead to more serious health problems due to the high intake of oxalates. It has been proven by various researches. Nobody wants to experience how it is to have some kidney stones that require using special medicaments or even operate as a treatment. Your body will be more thankful if you will choose to use juices in combination with other healthy food that has low-calorie amount like salads, groats, and others. In combination with balanced activities, it will be healthier and beneficial gain in losing the weight. Be smart in the food choices you make.


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