Is Weight Loss Really Possible When You Are Diabetic?

Is Weight Loss Really Possible When You Are Diabetic?

The 5 Keys To Naturally Defeating Diabetes And Easily Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Is weight loss really possible if I am diabetic? Are there natural changes that I can make to help lower my blood sugars? Will I ever be able to lose weight?

These are questions I am asked every single day, and my answer is always an emphatic YES! How do I know? Because we help Type II diabetics and Pre-Diabetics day in and day out achieve their weight loss goals. We design simple, yet effective custom nutritional programs that support our clients to make the nutritional changes that enable them to look and feel fabulous.

There are 3 basic misunderstandings that a majority of diabetic clients have about their condition. Accept them at face value and a client will literally sabotage their potential for a healthy future and a great looking body. What are those 3 misunderstandings? I’ll tell you…

Diabetes Weight Loss Misunderstanding #1: Diabetics Can’t Lose Weight

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Diabetes is Preventable and Controllable.” If the correct dietary, lifestyle, and exercise interventions are implemented you can look great, feel great, and maybe even reverse that stubborn diabetes! By taking a functional approach to diabetes that incorporates the proper lifestyle, diet, and advanced nutritional protocols, not only can you prevent weight gain, you can lose weight without the yo-yo dieting.

Diabetes Weight Loss Misunderstanding #2: I Am Going To Have To Starve Myself To Lose Weight

The first action most people take when they start any weight loss diet is cutting back on their calorie intake. Unfortunately, at the starting point, most individuals are nutritionally depleted and over stressed. By cutting back on calories, they are pushing further back their biological mechanisms, underlying many of their anticancer effects, signaling pathways, inflammation, cellular and systematic homeostasis pathways which can lead to higher chances for health risk.

The best action you want to take is to address your underlying causes, nourish your body with more calories coming from real foods your body can tolerate, inhibit potential disease and then the scale weight will fall off a lot quicker.

Diabetes Weight Loss Misunderstanding #3: I Am Going To Have To Live In The Gym To Lose Weight

Most individual’s starts their journey to lose weight by increasing physical activity while restricting calories consumption, in order to create negative energy balance so the end result would be weight loss. This theory is based on the assumption that change in body weight is equal to energy intake minus energy expenditure, and is often used to show how reductions in calorie intake and/or increases in physical activity will result in successful weight loss that can be maintained over the long run.

Unfortunately, science and reality show otherwise. More people are gaining back their weight with no meaningful long term results and in the long run the “yo-yo diet” effects their health with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. This model simply doesn’t take under consideration the fact that energy input and expenditure are interdependent and regulated at several biochemical levels based on nutrition.

Our body is a very complex machine that operates under homeostatic balance. By regulating energy you are able to maintain body weight. Increasing only physical activity, will most likely increase body fatigue, hunger, luck of energy, and gaining weight.

Don’t neglect your body’s needs for proper nutrition to function. Our program is an energy-balanced model supporting your body’s needs.

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