Integrative Nutritional Support for Cancer

Nutrition is the most powerful healing method you can include with cancer treatment and use towards cancer prevention.
Cancer is not a disease of abnormal cell division – it’s a disease of cell proliferation. Cancer does not grow too much — it dies too little. Cancer is not a tumor cell – it’s a dysregulated system. The process of cancer cell death is not mediated by DNA, but by the mitochondria. Cancer cells die when the mitochondria decide that it’s time to die, not the nucleus, but the mitochon­dria which depend on me­tabolism and system biology” (Cancer Biology as Systems Biology: Implications for Developmental Therapeutics in Oncology Robert Nagourney, MD)
Tumor development and progression is often driven by glucose, insulin, inflammation and other related metabolic pathways.

The goal is to strengthen your immune system to fight back against any cancer cells your body produces daily.

Our Nutritional, Botanicals & Herbal intervention will target epigenetic immune strength methods, detoxification, and carcinogenic hazards while boosting your nutrients! This can improve your body’s metabolism, hormonal balance and anti-inflammatory pathways. We’ll repair and rebuild your immune function and resistance based on a whole foods, plant-based diet including high quality protein, essential fatty acids and micro and macro nutrients that you need.
We will help you create a healing environment that reduces cell stress, reduces toxins, cuts inflammatory foods while promoting healthier nutrition and lifestyle to enhance immunity, energy, health and vitality.

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