So Sugar Alcohol is known as polyols, which classified as a carbohydrate.

It’s typically a type of sweet carbohydrate, and Sugar Alcohol does not contain atenolol as opposed to Alcoholic beverages, although both the products will use the word Alcohol. At the same time, the food industry will use Sugar Alcohol to improve the texture, retain moisture, and make the product a little bit more sweetener and also as an agent. We have even to remember that it’s a natural process that happened within fruits, beans, and plants. So although there is a negative connotation to the word Sugar Alcohol, it’s a natural chemical process that occurred within the world of your food intake.


Calories wise, It’s less compare to refine sugar. No doubt that we are talking about 1.15 to 3 calories per gram from this source of food as suppose to improve sugar, which we get four calories per gram. At the same time, if we are pre-diabetic or diabetic, we want to make sure that the conversion of that type of food to sugar it’s slower and Sugar Alcohol will help to slow the conversion and at the same timeless production of insulin. So Sugar Alcohol for that sake of reason seems safer.

So no doubt about that, which if you are pre-diabetic and diabetic, using Sugar Alcohol is a better choice compare to refine sugar. The challenge here is that the food industry gave Sugar Alcohol in so many different names. That at the end of the day, we are consuming more Sugar Alcohol, then our body needs. Regardless if we are Pre-diabetic and diabetic, not to say when we are Pre-diabetic and diabetic, and at the end of the day, we are overloading our self with different types of sugars with different types of sources that can affect our blood sugar.

So you must be aware of the fact that Sugar Alcohol has more than one name, and the food industry uses more than one name, At the end of this lecture I will give at least all the names and the food source that they are using, and you want to be aware because it could be added to your soups; it could be even added to your toothpaste that basically at the end of the day, rising your blood sugar without you knowing about that.
So the amount of Sugar Alcohol is also mattered, and you want to look after how much you are consuming on a daily basis regardless if you have any health challenges.


Sugar-free products are not sugar-free, and you have to look at the back of the package, Look at the labels and see what kind of Sugar Alcohol had been added to this product.

The list will be given as I said before at the end of this video, but you want to be aware that all free sugar product contains Sugar Alcohol and you cannot consume it thinking that there is no sugar and there is no impact on your blood sugar regardless if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic.
We want to have a small amount of sugar on a daily basis, and we don’t want to trigger and challenge our organs.

Weight gain will be another by-product of over-consuming Sugar Alcohol. The main reason is most times, the food industry will use cheap starches by corn and rice and soy to produce this agent and save some money on us, but at the same time, it will add up and create weight gain.

And one last thing that I want to mention regarding Sugar Alcohol, It is still sugar save or not, fewer calories or not, It could and it is activating and creating more gases and more blooding in many individuals.
So a lot of times, if you suffer from gases and blooding, the fact that you are consuming Sugar Alcohol than you need can create that type of presentation not to say the source of the starch or the bean as well can be challenging your gut. However, at the same time, your immune system, because you may, may be sensitive or allergic to one of the by-products, and I see so many clients of mine that regardless of the dietary changes than the nutritionally changes there still blooding. After a while and the one is there are again buying a product that has corn and bean even, even it’s called or label gluten-free.

So you have to look at the label, You have to look at the source of the Sugar Alcohol, and you have to maintain the amount of Sugar Alcohol that you are eating daily, So you will not challenge yourself.


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