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How Does High-Fat Meal Influence Lipid Metabolism in People with Diabetes and Obesity

Lipids or more precisely lipoprotein lipase and lipemia is a very important aspect of avoiding diabetes and obesity. And what might be a habit that could make these body aspects more complex? High-fat diet! And new research shows the new focal point that is lipid metabolism.

According to Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology, “obesity is a metabolic disorder and fundamental cause of other fatal diseases including atherosclerosis and cancer.”[1] High-fat consumption is one of the main initiators for weight gain and disruption metabolism that can lead further to abnormal lipid metabolism in diabetes. A similar problem is also with additional weight itself that many people might consider as such a big problem.

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New research on lipid metabolism in people who are overweight or have diabetes

There is much research that supports this negative perception of high-fat diet model that is not good for many people. One of the recent research from 2017 shows the evaluation of “he postprandial lipid metabolism after the ingestion of a liquid high-fat meal in type 2 diabetic clients with abdominal obesity.”[2] The results showed that people with abdominal obesity had a lot higher postprandial areas of glucose. Their insulin level was higher that makes it also easier to understand that it can lead to diabetes. Furthermore, obesity “exacerbates the postprandial lipid responses in type 2 diabetic clients.”2

However, contradiction still exists as there are studies that show that high-fat diet helped to avoid insulin resistance. That was a part of mouse high-fat composition testing.

Lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitus is as important as in obesity itself. People with obesity and/or diabetes also risk with atherogenic problems. Lipids are altered, but there is a need for even further research to show how exactly it happens and distinguish which mechanisms are responsible for it.

But how about Bcl10 protein?

Another research[3] found that Bcl10 that is also in high-fat food can protect from insulin resistance. In the research scientists used mice. They had a lack of Bcl10, and they didn’t develop insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the hallmark of diabetes and a part of metabolic syndrome. Previously this Bcl10 protein was helpful for immune cell responsiveness towards any infection, but now it could also have benefits for treating people with obesity or diabetes. A similar effect is also from Balance Cellular-MICA supplement to help with the immune function, antioxidant protection, detoxification, etc.

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