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Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

When you gain weight because of the extra calories that your body does not burn due to the lack of activity or poor nutrition, it’s frustrating but quite understandable.

Another thing when you are dieting and doing sports knowing it’s all should be for your good, but the figure on the scales suddenly jumps up. In this case, you should consider the hidden causes of weight gain, which are like massive anchors can slow down your progression in the movement against excess weight.

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There is evidence that a prolonged state of depression is interrelated with weight gain. And it’s not even about increased food intake to raise your spirit. Various studies show that people who are suffering from depression and loneliness gain weight much faster. Moreover, antidepressants and other medications being taken during depressive condition provoke weight gain pill by pill, pound after pound.

Unsuitable Medical Prescriptions

A list of medications that can cause you getting excess weight is endless, and which one affects exactly you cannot be just guessed. You can gain weight if you are taking birth control pills, participating in hormone therapy, uses steroids, consume beta-blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, anti-seizure meds, medications against breast cancer, some drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, and even casual migraine, and heartburn medications. Some of them noticeably increase appetite, others worsen the metabolism, but in a result, these meds put extra pounds on your weight.

Slow Digestion

Slow bowel movement can be accepted as a widespread reason for gaining weight. Normally, after food intake, nearly hours should pass before our body starts to digest dishes into small pieces. Once per day or two, you should feel relief from food waste, if such regularity does not occur, possibly, you’re experiencing dehydration, wrong medications, the low fiber in your diet, or disrupting the balance of your gut flora. This condition is a straight road to excess weight without any contribution on your part.

Lack of Certain Nutrients

A low level of iron, magnesium, or vitamin D deficiency affect your immune system by weakening body and slowing metabolism that makes your healthy living harder to approach. Often, people are prone to restore energy with caffeine, sweets, or fast-foods instead of searching the right combination of nutrients needed for stimulating the body. Such a mistake is common to many and makes your weight easily changeable in the growth direction.

Plantar Fasciitis

Unintentional weight gain can occur as a result of various musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, knee or hip pain, and plantar fasciitis. Those diseases reduce physical activity enough to build up extra pounds not longer than in a couple of weeks. The best option to prevent negative effects is to contact a physical therapist to receive a plan of exercises to address the issue.

Cushing’s Syndrome

If you continue to gain weight in the midsection of your body, while arms and legs remain thin, then it is possible that Cushing’s syndrome among the reasons you need to draw attention at first. This syndrome affects 15 people out of every million among the world population. The core of Cushing’s syndrome is a cortisol-producing tumour on one of the adrenal glands that cause higher blood pressure. Also, it is a reason for improper processing of nutrients from foods you consume. As a result, until you contact a specialist, this Cushing’s syndrome will remain an undercurrent against your attempts to lose weight.

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Wherever the reasons are hidden, the outcome is one, you will be unhappy with your body and would not even know what to emphasize to get rid of excess weight. Try to identify your case, and you will not even notice how fast your weight will become a reason for pride.

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