Nowadays there are numerous dietary plans from which everyone can choose which fit him or her the best. However, it isn’t easy to determine which way of weight loss is the best way to the body and health. Here you can find highlighted two ways – healthy and fast. At the same time, you should remember that losing weight isn’t easy although it might seem just burning more calories than you obtain. There is more science behind it.

Healthy weight loss benefits and challenges

Healthy weight loss, of course, is considered to be more successful as it involves just natural ways and foods. It is important to remember when someone is losing weight, at the same time it involves not only losing fat but also lean tissue and water. Another option what is stated as a healthy weight loss is gradual and steady weight loss by 1-2 pounds every week.[1] This strategy is proved to be helpful also to keep away from rapid raise of the weight. Additionally, it includes not only diet and special program but also exercises and eating habit change in a long-term manner.

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Sustained weight loss mainly consists of eating food that is filled with calories but doesn’t make you feel full.[1] Full feeling gives products like chocolate and other food that is already considered to be unhealthy. Good and healthy food that gives calories is different vegetables. A study at Tufts University has shown that it is possible to train the brain to avoid cravings for high-calorie foods and favor healthier foods.[2] To have enjoyment from healthy foods can become a real and normal tendency same as a more typical habit to have a sweet tooth for different chocolates.

Additional importance for successfulness is having a good motivation and some support team. Some people might even choose to go to some support group or perhaps also the support of your loved ones will be enough. Additional help for healthy diet could also be having some journal or some other place to write even the smallest achievement. To avoid calories to come back rapidly, it is crucial to have good eating and activity program.

Fast weight loss benefits and drawbacks

There are also numerous ways how you can lose weight fast. Some programs suggest to achieve it in a week or even less. Life is hectic and sometimes people tend to be impatient and want fast results. One of the plans is also developed by Cosmo and can be found easily. It is called “fat-torching.”[3] The aim of it is to lose up to 5 pounds in 7 days. It is less harmful as the ones that involve starvation, some forceful supplements, etc.

Cosmo plan – small sacrifices and specific technique

The plan is taken from a nutritionist and fitness expert. It is made for all seven days of the week, and more ambitious people can include even some more activities. The tecnique is based on the fact that the more you will pick, the more weight you will lose.

  1. Main drink – water

Other drinks like beer, fruit smoothies, energy drinks, juices bought in store and others contain a higher amount of calories, around 100 in one. In many cases, it doesn’t refresh and you want to drink more. On the other hand, water has no calories and little sodium. With time, people understand that it is the best refreshment. It is possible also to add mint leaves or lemon wedges for additional taste.

  1. No grain products

Grain products like rice, spaghetti, sandwich rolls, bread, and pasta are known for causing bloating and slowing down losing the fat. Simple carbohydrates get digested quickly but leave hungry feeling thus also increasing the likeness that you will want to eat more and at the end overeat. Vegetables are suggested to be much better for eating like chicken salad instead of a chicken sandwich. They are digested slowly thus leaving feeling that you are full much longer.

  1. 30 min cardio daily

Any workout that increases the heart rate helps to burn calories. More calories can be burned if the routine works on multiple muscles at the same time. Some of the suggested ones are spinning, boot camp and cardio kickboxing workouts. In 30 min period, you will lose 200-300 calories.

  1. 36 push-ups and lunges every second day

Push-ups help to work with the upper part of the body but lunges works on hips, butt and, tights. Additional help might be also holding free weights in each hand.

  1. Sacrificing at least 1 sweet food you love

Some people have a tendency to eat some dessert after dinner or chips when watching something on the TV. These habits can add a few hundred is possible to make this change so that after some time the body won’t even notice that there is lacking this kind of treat.

  1. Squats and Sit-Ups

More activity is good. Three sets of 12 of each exercise can help to tighten abs, but and legs.

  1. Antigas pill

This tablet can help to relieve bloating and break up gas bubbles that are in the digestive track. This can help to avoid bloated stomach and unpleasant feeling after meals.

Also, pharmacy nowadays has stepped forward. There is numerous medicine available for dietary. Most of them can be got on prescription such as orlistat, Belviq, Saxenda, phentermine, Qsymia, and Contrave.[4] Another pill is DX-7 and it is designed to be taken 7 days per week and then take 7 days off. It contains “Chromium, Senna Leaf, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi and Buchu Leaves”.[5] If there is no satisfaction or results from it, you can even get the money back.

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Way more extreme diets take less time but in most of the cases they leave to people the feeling of starving and in worse mood due to desire to lose as much weight as possible in the quickest way possible. Smarter choices like combining and creating new eating habits with activities can take more time but it will definitely pay off in a long run.



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