Have You Experienced Changes in Your Menstrual Bleeding Recently?

Have you experienced heavy bleeding in the last 12 months?

Have you had your period earlier than expected?

Did you observe lighter bleeding around the time you got immunized?

Then, you are not alone.

Many women recently have reported irregular periods and heavy bleeding. Many factors may upset women’s cycles; however, some of the recent changes in our bodies post the recent health crisis have made things even worse.

Scientists are now more concerned about the effects of the vaccine on women’s periodic cycles. The changes experienced by many women globally have been proved to be real. National Institutes of Health (NIH) granted $1.67 million to institutes to research the links between the recent vaccines and disrupting menstrual cycles. 

Since the onset of the health crisis in 2020, the world has been focused on fighting the virus that wreaked havoc globally. Vaccines and medicines were created, and ways to cope with the novel virus were discovered everywhere. The efficient innovation and delivery of vaccines and their distribution took place worldwide. There is reason to believe that some gaps were left during the vaccine development, including their effects on menstruation.

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Vaccine & Menstrual Cycles

The vaccines and booster shots have been proved to have played some role in disturbing women’s cycles. A large survey of menstruating and non-menstruating women was conducted in early 2021, and a recent report published supported that:

  • About 42% of individuals have experienced heavy bleeding after the vaccine.
  • About 44% of individuals reported no change.
  • While 14% reported mixed experiences.

Another study also proves that women infected with the disease who received a vaccine later reported much heavier bleeding than usual.

Earlier vaccine trials did not address the effects of menstruation. However, much of the data has been collected and studied in the past two years. There is plenty of research underway globally, and many of them are coming up with results supporting the hypothesis that changes in menstruation have been observed after the vaccine and booster shots. Norwegian Institute of Public Health also studied the link between coronavirus vaccines and menstrual changes. According to that report,

  • Several women ages 18 to 30 reported period disturbance
  • About 14% experienced heavier bleeding after their first dose.
  • About 9% reported shorter or longer than normal cycles before the first dose, compared with 12% after
  • 15% reported more painful periods than normal after their first dose 


On the positive side, these changes were only experienced for the short term. In most women, the menstrual changes observed post-vaccination were temporary and resolved on their own within 2 months or so. Still, it shows that the current issues in our lives and the demands of our lifestyle affect our overall wellness and the intricate balance of our hormones.

Useful Resource: Here is a useful link to see the Dietary Recommendations for Americans Issued by dietaryguidelines.gov to review how an ideal diet should be according to every age group.

Women are More Vulnerable to Health Crisis

Women, especially being the vulnerable group when it comes to hormonal imbalances and changes, were clearly affected far more than expected due to the pandemic and the following vaccination drive. Fortunately, the effects were short-term, but it may be too early to assert anything yet. Researches take time and years before anything in full confidence can be argued. We are yet to see the long-term effects of vaccines, infections, repeated infections and much more.

I have personally seen many women with menstrual changes post-vaccination. Some have experienced short-term effects. Others are still going through some changes. However, nothing can be certainly asserted unless many years pass.

Other Factor Affecting Menstrual Cycles

Since the movement to observe ‘safe distancing’, ‘stay home’, and ‘work from home’ began, stress and loneliness became one the most common evils that grew on most of us. Stress is one of the major factors that throw off our brain’s power to maintain the hormonal balance and is responsible for changing how our bodies work. Since 2020, many scientists have reported changes in their menstrual cycles, which were alluded to as stress. It could be one of the factors affecting women’s cycles in this period, but this does not render the vaccine effect on menses insignificant. 

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Health & Fitness – Our Primary Asset

Health and wellness are our assets. In the wake of the current health situation, I believe the primary focus of every individual today should be to support their health and focus on their fitness because no matter how many medicines or vaccines we develop, they can only support our health to some extent. At the end of the day, we need our biology to uplift us and even enable our bodies to accept the medicines and respond to them.

We are blessed to be living on a planet enriched with several varieties of herbs, fruits, natural plants, seafood, meat varieties and animals from which we can benefit. The natural resources abundant in our surroundings support our bodies naturally. It only depends on how we consume these natural resources and take advantage of them.

Functional Nutrition is the field of science that talks about nutrition and how it may help us boost our health and longevity. It is not a strict diet plan you need to follow to gain certain health goals; it is about watching out for what is on your plate and consuming what can protect your health and wellness and not deteriorate them.

Healthy & nutritious food has the power to:

  • Put our hormones in balance
  • Support menstruation, ovulation and fertility
  • Regulate the cognitive and other brain functions
  • Regulate all body systems
  • Maintain the natural balance of our bodies by liver detox, gut-friendly foods
  • Boost our energy levels
  • Improve our mental health and brain powers

If you feel there is no way out, you can try food to find solace, happiness and support for your health.

No matter how much we think of a healthy lifestyle, unless and until we practice it, it may not help us.

The way to move towards a healthy lifestyle is to start today.

If you feel you need to do something about it now, I am always here to help.