You are currently viewing Gut Bacterial Memory: The Reason Why Your Weight Strikes Back
Gut Bacteria Memory: The Reason Why Your Weight Strikes Back

Gut Bacterial Memory: The Reason Why Your Weight Strikes Back

A diverse range of challenges is a quite common issue among people who are striving to put a final point in their struggle with excess weight.

One of the most frustrating is the regaining weight. Indeed, when the weight returns, it could knock down anyone. So what’s the main reason for this kind of yo-yo effect? Of course, the return to bad eating habits makes a significant contribution, but if this mistake is not about you, then the bacterial memory is the first thing you should consider.

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Experimental Evidence

The clinical research of mice shows that weight regaining circle largely depends on the microbiome consistency of experimental specimens. The fact is that the bacterial signature of mice, which were experienced permanent obesity, more quickly led to weight gain than a change in diet for other specimens. Also, the mice, previously were maintained a normal weight, after the experiment with a faecal transfer, started to gain weight even without any changes in their nutrition. The mechanism of recurrent obesity in mice is closely related to the bacterial composition of their intestinal. If you want, we can specify that the bacteria have memory, and they are nostalgic for the former weight, seeking to return it.

Cause and Effect

This predisposition to regain weight intertwined with the body’s necessity to resist weight loss during a food shortage. So the human microbiome acts as a kind of buffer that does not allow the body to reduce weight. Consequently, when a person stops dieting, the weight strikes back in a flash moment. To close this window of risk, an individual who once has overcome an excess weight should urgently get rid of the bacterial ballast, which would act against weight decline perceiving it as a vital threat.

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Take-Home Message

Bacterial memory makes a significant contribution to regaining weight. Until this memoria is not shifted, you could find it quite challenging to lose weight even by keep adhering to healthy eating habits. Therefore, with a purpose to identify your inner bacterial predisposition to return weight, it is critical to consult a functional nutrition specialist to address this issue.

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