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Gut Bacteria as Underlying Factor of Chronic Fatigue

Have you ever experienced this nasty feeling when everything you touch is falling from your hands?

When an everyday routine seems unbearable torture, and you have not any counterbalance to put in front of it. Chronic fatigue or myalgic encephalomyelitis is a fairly common problem for between 1 to 4 millions of the US population. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes an overwhelming and prolonged weakness of the body, preventing people from any efforts in even the most casual day-to-day activities. The patients who are coping with this chronic condition can experience the wide range of closely related symptoms such as muscle or joint pain, sore throat, headaches, sleep disturbances, post-exertional malaise, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

New Look at Familiar Symptoms

Previously, chronic fatigue was considered a psychological condition rather than a physical illness. Nevertheless, contemporary research is aimed at investigating new evidence of the bacterial blueprint for chronic fatigue syndrome. With the purpose of evaluation of this bond between microbiome consistency and chronic fatigue syndrome, the research was conducted to compare the results of 48 people with chronic fatigue diagnosis and 39 healthy individuals.

All people were provided stool and blood test samples. As both analyzes have shown, the patients with fatigue syndrome had their bacterial profiles with noticeably less diversified bacterial environment compared with the healthy individuals. The research also discovered that patients with fatigue syndrome had higher levels of lipopolysaccharides in their blood indicated that bacteria have already absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream, potentially causing more and more symptoms. As a result, scientists have concluded that 83% of chronic fatigue cases were based on the poor diversity of their gut bacteria and higher lipopolysaccharides in their blood.

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Hard-to-argue Results

Without a doubt, a human with chronic fatigue syndrome has a different biological nature compared to a healthy individual. This difference is mostly about bacterial diversity and microbiota consistency. Other studies to prove chronic fatigue has a psychological background is not introduced yet. So what can be the benefits of the newly acquired knowledge? For sure, it can be advance ways in treatment. For instance, functional nutrition can be considered as a modern tool to shape bacterial balance in the more diversified norm. Consequently, adjusting the diet can be a way to address symptoms. Probiotics, which are rich with beneficial bacteria, can be an option too.

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Combining the results above, it is apparent that a broader range of health disorders becomes more and more interconnected with a so-called gut-brain axis. The interrelation points are linked between the gut microbiome, with anxiety, depression, autism, and other conditions, including chronic fatigue. Prudent care of your gut microbiota can save you from the loss of vital energy and other symptoms of the broadest spectrum.

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