You are currently viewing Green Supplements: Facts & Fiction that you should know
Green Supplements: Facts & Fiction that you should know

Green Supplements: Facts & Fiction that you should know

Greens supplements continue to fuel the market. Everyone wants to get a daily dose of the necessary fruits and vegetables by just swallowing a pill or a spoonful of green powder.

Nevertheless, a ton of information on the benefits and harms is often misleading and confusing consumers. It is the truth that greens supplements allow you to consume a concentrated dose of certain fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as leverage training effectiveness, support healthy eating, and complete intelligent nutrition as the way of life. Fictional claims regarding the negative impact of supplements could arise due to incorrect use. Therefore, let’s figure out how to distinguish facts from fiction and how to go green just for your good.

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Supplements can completely replace your multivitamin complex: Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Of course, it would be wonderful to have a magic pill that would hold everything, fruits, veggies, herbs, and all beneficial multivitamins. Unfortunately, greens’ formula does not include essential minerals like zinc and magnesium. In case you need to complement your daily foods with both minerals and extraction from fruits and veggies, you better to use several options of separate greens supplements and vitamins.

Do supplements restore your pH balance: Fact or Fiction?

Fact: Everything you eat influences your body’s pH balance. Unbalanced pH levels can lead to bone weakening, excessive cortisol, and negatively affect thyroid function. Such usual foods as grains, dairy, and proteins are acidic by nature and can disrupt your fragile homeostasis, while green veggies are alkaline and can restore the status quo by placing the acid-base counterweight. Greens supplements share alkaline consistency, and they are the key to optimize your body’s pH.

Do all supplements consist of an equal dose of certain elements listed on the package: Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: If you have a precise prescription to receive a particular dose of creatine, you do not necessarily get it solely from one pill. The fact is that you need to know precisely how much a certain element takes from the total supplement formula. If you need to add green tea supplement into your diet, you need to know how much tea was placed in the pill. When choosing supplements, you have to look at the percentage of integral parts not only on their presence since it can be different in a range too broad between various distributors.

If you take greens supplements, you can refuse fruits and veggies: Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Greens supplements are essential for a low-carbohydrate diet with a small number of fresh fruits and vegetables. Still, they cannot replace all antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals that could be found in the fresh fruits you’re eating. By using supplements, you get only those elements that are included in the formula, so advice from a nutritionist can be a crucial factor to reinforce your diet but not replace any product in it.

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The best advice regarding greens supplements is to use them when you have a deficiency of fresh fruits or vegetables, for example, while traveling or being unable to shop the necessary food. When you lack some green, you may look for supplements to green-light your diet.

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