Should You Eat After an Evening Workout Before Going to Bed?

Some people feel quite energetic on the evening and have some workout. That is also the free time after work so it is clear that different sports activities can be included as an addition to the evening. And of course, some people also feel like having some snacks or meal after the workout just before going to bed. Is this habit necessary?

The answer is yes even if the workout is during the night. The main reason for that is that “body depletes its glycogen stores. Eating replenishes these stores, helping your body recover and repair itself more quickly.”[1]

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After workout meal

The meal should be adapted to everyone’s individual needs, says Board Certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher. Otherwise, it is important to have a meal after a workout that is rich in carbohydrates as they provide a fast energy boost to the body and protein for long-lasting energy.

Healthy food solutions could be:

  • a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with avocado
  • whole-grain pasta with steamed vegetables and sliced chicken breast;
  • a piece of fish with brown rice and a small green salad
  • whole-grain toast with peanut butter
  • a piece of whole-grain pita bread with hummus
  • a handful of crackers with low-fat cheese on top
  • protein shake (you can read more about protein consumption here.)
  • yogurt1

If you don’t eat after a workout, it might leave the body more prone to injuries, sleep problems or feel weaker. Everything needs to be balanced as it is not a good idea to have a massive meal if you plan to go to sleep soon after. Healthy fat is also allowed in moderation to support or undo the body’s work done individually or at the gym. Nuts and seeds can be a good replacement for the ones who have a sweet tooth.

The importance of body type

There can be distinguished three body types – ectomorph (skinnier, very lean and hard time packing a muscle mass), endomorph (with a considerable amount of body fat, hard time losing weight) and mesomorph (with easy time building muscle, lean). It comes hand in hand with eating after a workout as “if you are a person who is holding extra body fat then you want to avoid high glycemic, insulin spiking foods or supplements later at night when your natural levels of insulin are less sensitive.”[2] Endomorph body time should have a meal with more protein and lower starchy carbs that can spike insulin levels. On the other hand, carbs are crucial to ectomorph.

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The question if there is a need to eat after a workout even before going to sleep is easy, but what exactly to eat is more challenging. Consult specialists to find the best way.

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