Don’t Just Sit There! Start Functional Medicine Approach for Autoimmune Diseases

I cannot promise to cure autoimmune disease for everyone in 30 days, but functional medicine allows achieving good results in most of the cases if a person is devoted to it himself/herself.

As immune-suppressors and other medicine not always helps to reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body, functional medicine is a great solution that is even different from alternative medicine (e.g., homoeopathy, massage, etc.). It is a mix of science and lifestyle to treat a direct cause of any of the autoimmune disease.

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What functional medicine focuses on:

Especially nutrition on its own is a crucial part of treating the main reason for autoimmune diseases. One of the supplement examples is Balance-Mineral Foundation. It is also important to understand that a person cannot just take any supplement and keep using it without cooperation with a professional health specialist. In my experience, I have seen many women who come with serious imbalance or taking vitamins that they already have enough, e.g., vitamin C. What some people don’t realize is that this kind of treatment can make a person feel worse.

Parts of functional medicine that help to stabilize or cure autoimmune diseases:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Mind/body techniques
  • Manual medicine
  • botanicals[1]

As also emotional causes of autoimmune diseases play a role, it is important to support recovery and treatment which allows balancing the immune system not only to suppress it.

Functional steps to take for your health:

  • Get into a routine that is good for you. Circadian rhythm can help to help the overall health. That might include good sleep and wake-up time, eating at similar times every day. That is also a good approach for those who want to lose weight.
  • Maximize diet. Things that have a high level of antioxidants and nutrients are the best. Fresh and local food usually is the best choice. There are also good foods with probiotics like fermented dairy products, fermented vegetables.
  • Do regular testing. Tests are very helpful also for functional medicine practitioners to see if there are some abnormalities in the early stage because it might take even 20 years or more of constant damage to lead to an illness that can have a concrete diagnosis. Further tests can also help to establish what kind of foods to avoid with autoimmune disease (e.g., if a person has an allergy).

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Even small things every day can contribute to good or bad influence on the health that shouldn’t be ignored. Functional medicine can be a part of effective treatment and/or prevention.


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Chen uses Functional Nutrition to help you find answers to the root causes of your illness and address the biochemical imbalances that may trigger your health and weight. She uses cutting edge lab testing and design the nutritional program to your specific needs as an individual. Food, supplements, lifestyle changes will have integrated to bring balance

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