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Do cold temperatures trigger weight loss?

Obesity and other weight problems have been raising, and that’s why there are also numerous options discovered to help people. A lot of people already know the importance of good sleep at night and the REM sleeping stage, but there is a new way that can have an extraordinary impact primarily on weight.

One of the alternatives that don’t require a lot of energy or drastic change is opening a window during the night. Oxford University academics and other specialists claim that colder temperatures can have a positive impact on weight and even lower the diabetes epidemic.

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Why open window at night

Professor of Endocrinology Ashley Grossman with The University of Maastricht research and the Oxford University researchers such as Lisanne L Blauw, N Ahmad Aziz, Martijn R Tannemaat, and others claim that a couple of degrees colder temperature help to improve health. The research shows that “a single degree centigrade increase in environmental temperature has the potential to cause a whopping 100,000 new cases of diabetes in the United States” yearly. 

The main reason for the colder temperatures’ positive impact is that the body burns less brown fat to keep the appropriate body temperature and causing insulin sensitivity, which also leads to weight gain.

Professor Grossman from Oxford University also claims that lowering temperature can help to those who already have some excellent problems associated with weight like diabetes as “a comparably cold environment is helpful to increase sensitivity to insulin and the prevention of diabetes.” The results also showed that “on average, per 1°C increase in temperature, age-adjusted diabetes incidence increased with 0.314.” 2

How cooler temperatures work

Colder temperature forces the body to burn calories to stay warm. This process is also a part of boosting metabolism or metabolic rate (calory burning rate). Cold temperature also stimulates brown fat (another one is white that holds calories). Brown fat later converts into energy and heat. Then the burning of fat is faster, weight loss happens.

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The cooler temperature in the living place, especially bedroom, reduces obesity and type 2 diabetes possibility or makes it more manageable for those who already have it. As global warming is one of the top issues, it is hard for many people to stay in areas with cold climate. But you can turn down the thermostat at night or open a window to let some cold breeze in spring as well as winter nights for a shorter or longer time.


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