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Dealing with Inflammation

Dealing with Inflammation in a Successful Manner

It is a fact, in many cases, that inflammation is the leading cause of why many people aren’t able to lose weight.


Diet can be a cause of inflammation in the body, as the consistent consumption of certain foods can lead to inflammation. This condition is a challenging issue for many people, but there are ways to tackle it. Part of the solution is leading a healthy daily lifestyle. Annually, over 100,000 deaths occur due to inflammation. Inflammation can rapidly lower life quality since it is a “cause or amplifier of all chronic, degenerative, and autoimmune conditions.” (1)


There are different variations of inflammation. One variation of inflammation is the repair deficit, and another, a cumulative repair deficit, is chronic inflammation. The repair functions are crucial for the body’s recovery from different disruptions. Causes for repair deficits can differ, but mainly they are due to an excessive amount of toxins, nutrient deficits, a decrease of physical activities and “mental anguish potentiate.”


It is possible to deal with inflammation quite successfully if a person is willing to follow some strict basis. One of them is called the Alkaline Way – which focuses on the choices people make regarding their eating and drinking habits. The aim is to find a resolution as naturally as possible. This approach is based on evidence and personal strategies, especially in regards to people with fibromyalgia, diabetes, or chronic fatigue.


Researchers have proved that peoples’ eating habits and food choices determine 92% of their life quality. The remaining 8% is up to genetics or DNA. The Alkaline Way includes identifying and substituting a person’s antigens (or so-called foreign invaders) and also providing neurohormonal balance and detoxification. The program promotes a nutritional and fiber-rich diet as well as an active lifestyle. (1)


There are mainly acute or chronic inflammation.


Chronic Inflammation

This type of inflammation occurs when repair deficits persist and cells aren’t able to complete repairs for defense. It is due to some factors missing or toxins, and this leads to further chronic health problems. If there is a deficit in the repair of blood vessel linings, this can cause “atherosclerosis, coronary artery, and peripheral artery vascular diseases.” (1) The most commonly known issue of chronic inflammation is chronic pain, which tends to occur anytime or when the weather changes. This can come from arthritis, back pain, bursitis and alike.


The cause of this chronic inflammation is the repair deficit in the joint tissue. In additional to that, there can also be aches, infections, dry eyes, maldigestion, diarrhea, skin outbreaks, stiffness, weight gain or obesity and more.


The immune system plays a significant role in health, but with inflammation, it becomes damaged. There is an innate immune system with first responder cells (surveillance cells) and also an acquired immune system that is adaptive. The adaptive immune system is developed based on interaction with foreign bodies. Immune systems should be able to neutralize and deal with different allergens, toxins, and disease-causing bugs, but their capabilities aren’t unlimited. When it fails, chronic, autoimmune, and even more serious problems can occur. Problems with the immune system functioning can also lead to problems with weight management, insulin resistance, and metabolic imbalances and one of the last stages could be diabetes.


Inflammation imbalances the immune system to such a degree that allergy occurrence is quite common. The body becomes increasingly sensitive to food, and sometimes, the right ingredients become recognized as bad and attacked. The repair system also deals with the possible cancer cells formed from abnormal cells. When the immune system is focusing on other issues, it cannot deal with these cells so profoundly on an everyday basis.


An integrative approach to restoring and repair

The Alkaline Way is the best clinical program for now. It helps to maintain healthy immune, digestive, neurohormone, and detoxification functions.


Parts of the Alkaline Way:


Functional tests

Primary tests are run that determine detoxification, inflammation, metabolism, cell communication, alkaline/acid balance and more. Functional and predictive measures of loss of food intolerance and environmental chemicals can also be determined precisely.


Healthy eating and drinking

It is important to have an eating plan to help cells stay healthy and also for the body to have appropriate pH levels. Any person might need to make a change from eating tasty foods that don’t provide much energy to sustaining and restoring foods. It requires a more intensive intake of essential nutrients and other things. There are also various other habits for healthier eating.



Supplementation can help to deal with inflammation. It can tackle some particular nutrient deficits. Life’s negative factors like toxins from the environment, stress, lack of sustained food and more, can lead to the need for supplements to treat the deficit brought on by inflammation. Supplements can be herbs, vitamins, and various other products. Special tests are run to determine which kind of supplements and nutrients are needed.


Healthy Doing and Thinking

A lifestyle choice of increased activity can help not only a person’s healing response but also weight management. Even some small stretches, like turning the head and looking out, can be some progress in their daily lives.  I suggest at least 20 min of some activity 2 times per day as this is a long-term issue that will definitely pay off.


Why does food have such a big effect on inflammation? Fruits, nuts, and vegetables have a maximum of 23% non-fibrous carbohydrates. And they get to a person’s digestive system where the energy becomes available. There aren’t such cells in sugar or flour, thus; these items have higher carbohydrate density. There is also an endotoxin called lipopolysaccharide that has links to inflammation caused by diet. It also could increase interest in unhealthy and fast foods.


Inflammation can cause weight gain, thus; it is essential also to have a special diet, and one of the most successful has been a low-carbohydrate diet. The lower consumption of carbohydrates can help to lower insulin levels. Insulin has been considered one of the most important factors to control weight. A person should choose eating vegetables, nuts, and fruits as a source of their low-carb diet. Even 20-100 grams of carbohydrates from flour, sugar, and other unhealthy foods provides tools to keep the guts unhealthy. (3)


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Inflammation is a challenging aspect of health. It also influences weight gain and other more severe health problems. With special tests and diet changes, it is possible to deal with it successfully.




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