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Common Gluten-Free Mistakes

Don’t Fall for Gluten-Free Mistakes

You probably have noticed that going gluten-free has become almost like a trend similar to vegan and approach. Is doing that bad? Depends on various aspects, but is necessary to get the right understanding of the gluten-free diet and functional medicine in general.

There is no doubt that more people struggle with autoimmune diseases and inflammation. This motivates them to find a solution that will make them healthier. Therefore, it is not surprising why there is an increase in gluten-free products. There is no doubt that the industry is getting larger but more people have the wrong practices or ideas about this diet, which leads to a lot of gluten free mistakes. Some people might even now that gluten triggers inflammation and autoimmune problems, but still, they make some other mistakes.

People stop using gluten-free too soon

Some people still don’t realize how long it might take to have gluten-free results. I have noticed in my functional medicine practice that people often stop after a couple of weeks or a month. This timeframe is not  enough to make a significant difference for the body. Inflammation from gluten can last up to six months for those people who may have thyroid problems. The leaky gut syndrome can take even longer time to heal and in some cases, it can be way past one year.

Not enough gluten-sensitivity testing

Going gluten-free is an important step that needs additional assessment. Some people might even start doing such a diet without proper testing and thus not even fully know if this is the right move. There is a special test for gluten intolerance, but it might come negative. There is a wide spectrum of what the body can react. Gluten sensitivity is one part, but at the other side can be celiac disease.

Consuming too much gluten-free, packed foods

Not every food that has the “gluten-free” label is automatically healthy. This kind of assumption makes for a wrong gluten-free shopping list. A healthy gluten-free diet is rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatory fats, and proteins. Packaged foods are not rich with these elements. Therefore, some might need additional nutritional help like Balance B12 supplement.

gluten-free will not solve all problems

There is no doubt that this type of diet can be helpful in certain cases when people who suffer from certain conditions, but that doesn’t mean that it alone will solve all the health issues. This type of lifestyle is just a piece of a puzzle that could make a better health condition. Functional medicine can help to understand better what the body likes and what not. Nevertheless, the overall approach is way more complex than making a special gluten-free shopping list and it is always smart to get the right consultation before starting any diet plan.


Chen is a Functional Nutrition expert consultant,  leading authority on weight management, women’s health and gluten sensitivity. She is a clinician, public speaker, educator and Amazon Best Seller author of “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough – The Balanced Diet”.

Chen uses Functional Nutrition to help you find answers to the root causes of your illness and address the biochemical imbalances that may trigger your health and weight. She uses cutting edge lab testing and design the nutritional program to your specific needs as an individual. Food, supplements, lifestyle changes will have integrated to bring balance

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