Lactoferrin as a guarantee of ruddy look and abundant health

The human body is fully equipped with all the necessary means to build a defense against the various external influencers, whether it be hostile pathogens, bacterial threats, parasites, viruses, infections or inflammation. While starting a conversation in respect to the defense mechanisms of our body, it would rather be imprudent to lose a sight of the lactoferrin.

What kind of defender is the lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a naturally produced protein mostly contained in milk and bodily fluids. In many aspects, this protein modulates antibacterial properties and enhances the overall immune system. The term lactoferrin itself stands for an iron-binding protein that belongs to the several groups of probiotics shaping protective barriers of the body. This protein can be found in a variety of human secretions such as saliva, tears, breast milk, vaginal fluids, semen, secretions from lungs and nose, bile, digestive juice, and urine. Initially, lactoferrin is involved in the formation of a gastrointestinal and immune system during fetal development.

What kind of properties the lactoferrin bears?

Above all, lactoferrin is the first natural marker, which indicates progression of any inflammation or infection. When the level of lactoferrin is on the rise, it means that some bacteria or pathogens were detected and the body responds to it by producing specific proteins to conquer potential threat. In such a way, lactoferrin boosts immune system defense to prevent unexpected invaders feel like important guests in our body. Typically, lactoferrin acts in conjunction with other probiotics. As a result, with the help of these proteins, the immune system can resist harmful pathogens on equal terms.

Also, the powerful effect of lactoferrin includes following:
  • Alert white blood cells in a moment of danger when hazardous germs attack the body
  • Prevent chronic conditions that are most often linked with a weak immune system including allergy and asthma
  • Prevent the chance to catch such infections like herpes, hepatitis, and polio by countering the ability of viruses to stick to the cells and feed on their micro elements
  • Control microbial proliferation by limiting access to iron in the host body
  • Perform antioxidant functions by removing iron binds, which are causing cells’ damage or death
  • Control fungal colonies by limiting their overgrowth through the reinforcement of beneficial bacteria
  • Inhibit the spread of cancer cells by stopping emergence of blood vessels that are supposed to maintain tumor viability and growth
  • Reduce insulin resistance by endorsing response for glucose uptake to accelerate its absorption
  • Facilitate weight control by decreasing iron deficiency that results in firmly manageable accumulation of fat

From the list above, it is apparent that the evaluation of lactoferrin level is an essential point in the determination of potential threats. Chen Ben Asher Wellness Clinic provides a deep row of tests to find out and analyze protein consistency of your body. These tests include the Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Food Sensitivity Delayed Test, DNA Analysis, and Organic Acid Test.

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            If the lactoferrin is so important, what should I do on this matter?

            Lactoferrin is one of the most valuable components of our immune system, that’s a fact. A healthy body produces a sufficient amount of this protein in the right moment but not always by default. In the time of backbreaking stress and general malaise, the defensive functions may falter. In this case, the body defense may need your support and consolidation of its capacity.

So, what should you do? Well, to drink a lot of milk is not solving the problem of lactoferrin shortage entirely. Only if this is not the huge amounts that could harm other aspects of the overall health. The greatest proportion of lactoferrin could be found in the breast milk. Another option is the use of specific supplements with probiotics that are enriched with proteins, including lactoferrin.

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Lactoferrin has a unique ability to create strong bonds with an iron and in a result withdrawing it from use by other microorganisms. The vast majority of harmful pathogens and bacteria dwell in the high iron-containing environment that is a vital clause for their survival. Lactoferrin restricts access to iron for bad types bacteria inside the gut and other contact surfaces of the human body, thus helping to cultivate only the beneficial bacteria.

After all, the issue of a weakened immune system is not far-fetched. It is real and could be harmful for human health. If you want your body always be covered with a robust defense, then you need to support your immunity in all endeavors. The best way is a functional nutrition with expertly chosen supplements that rich in probiotics and lactoferrin. Take care of your immunity, and you will always be as fresh as a daisy.


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