Microbes and Diseases: How Bacteria are linked to Cancer

Previously you could read about autoimmune diseases and their link to bacteria, but this time let’s look at bacteria linked to cancer. When an average person hears about cancer, they don’t think that it first has to do with some other triggers like unhealthy food, exposure to chemicals but not with a specific cancer bacteria name.

Bacteria can cause different diseases so it’s not a surprise that it can also cause cancer. Microbes can cause inflammation that is also a possible cancer trigger. One of this kind of bacteria is Helicobacter pylori. According to the American Cancer Society, this bacteria can “inflame and damage the inner layer of the stomach. Some of these changes could lead to cancer over time.”[1] The type of cancer usually is the stomach, and it’s popularity worldwide. Interesting is the fact that many people have this kind of bacteria, but they never develop cancer. Bacteria rate is higher in the developing countries and among older people. Antibiotics can be used for killing Helicobacter pylori, but it’s not always the best choice how we already saw in the article about how antibiotics are also killing good bacteria.

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Do viruses cause cancer?

The short answer is yes, and that is backed up by some viruses like Hepatitis B and C. This particular virus can greatly increase the possibility of liver cancer. Then there is also human papilloma virus from sexually transmitted HPV. This virus usually triggers cervical cancers. Epstein-Barr virus can cause lymphomas that are cancerous white blood cells and other cancers.

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So to answer a question is cancer a bacteria or virus we can say that it is both and everything depends on individual circumstances and the overall body reaction to different invaders, overall inflammation level and how soon these and other issues get appropriate treatment. Chen Ben Asher, a Board-certified nutrition specialist, has a practical experience with several of these problems and know the importance of personal and effective bacteria cancer treatment. Cancer bacteria in the stomach might be there for some time and even the smallest symptoms that something is not good need attention to have a good, long-lasting outcome. Understanding how are bacteria linked to cancer is already a big step forward. Next, you can get to know more about bacteria linked to dental cavities.


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