Chen Ben Asher – Functional Nutrition – What do You Know about Coconut Oil?

There are a lot of different misconceptions about this particular oil and if it is useful. Of course, everyone has spotted the sweet coconut smell of various products, and many people like this smell.

What are the misconceptions about coconut oil benefits and side effects?

Some people might have heard that this oil can help with arthritis, diabetes or even Alzheimer’s. A widespread assumption also goes for its help to deal with weight gain. This oil contains saturated fats that for some might seem a bad sign because they are fats. It’s not always the case. First of all, this specific oil itself shouldn’t be the main course but in addition to the already healthy diet. What healthy diet is? A personalized diet that helps for everyone to stay fit, healthy and feel good.

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Coconut oil benefits

  • Raising HDL (high-density lipoprotein – good cholesterol)
  • Lowering overall cholesterol to HDL ratio
  • MCT oil statured fat boosting metabolism (crucial for weight loss!)
  • Reversing insulin resistance
  • Improving cognitive function
  • Helping
  • Antifungal and antimicrobial characteristics

There are also several types of research done about coconut oil benefits and side effects, but not all of them are good quality. The US National Institutes of Health have published different qualitative information like regarding oil’s impact on women with abdominal obesity.[1]


Coconut oil weight loss

To be able to talk about right effects of this oil, it is important to follow product ingredients and source. Usually, “84% of its calories come from saturated fat. To compare, 14% of olive oil’s calories are from saturated fat, and 63% of butter is.”[2]


How to use coconut oil to get the best of it?

Board certified nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher wants to remind that each body can have a different response to this kind of oil so a consultation might help. How to use coconut oil is not a hard to find out. For some, it might be beneficial to consider using coconut oil instead of butter while cooking. Surprise – you can even have it in coffee as well as other hot or cold drinks (.e.g., smoothies). And don’t forget about various foods that you can cook and add this oil like coconut butter cups, chocolate coconut energy bars, for salads, and numerous other ways. Coconut oil recipes are an excellent way to go.

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Coconut oil can give a lot of benefits if you remember that just adding it to your diet won’t help to lose weight or get some other immense health benefits. It is only a part of everything that you can do to feel better and get healthier.


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